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About Us

The Wool Company story is a tale of wild boar, weedy fields, angora goats & cold feet...

We moved back to Cornwall after an absence of twenty years when we discovered they were going to be blessed with a third child. In the depths of a cold wet December we bought the remains of a very run down farmhouse, farm buildings and 17 acres of impenetrable weeds on the edge of Bodmin Moor. We had exciting plans to renovate the derelict stone barns as self catering holiday cottages and bed and breakfast suites. Luckily during the time it took to have our daughter, renovate(ish) the farmhouse and design the barns we got used to the glorious peace and quiet of our small slice of bucolic idyll and wondered what else we could do with the farm...

Higher Hill Farm had previously been a successful wild boar farm - a good example of diversification - but had problems with escapees  (there is still the occasional wild boar sighted in local woods today).  Unfortunately after the wild boar left most of the topsoil had gone too, leaving extremely stoney ground and chest-high weeds. Sarah took up the mantle to discover an appropriate animal that would bring the land back to an acceptable condition and without any previous history of farm husbandry, delved into world of research. Having dismissed ostrich, bison, llamas, alpacas, cows and 'normal sheep' the only animals they could find that could live comfortably off the land were goats and the only goats we could find that wouldn't jump over our fences were Angora goats that produce the luxury fibre, mohair. We moved ten pretty goats into the fields, where they became immediately invisible in the weeds, but over the months and then years, and with the addition of the the Cornish flock of Manx Lougton sheep, the ground once again, began to resemble a fertile ground.

It only took a winter in our freezing, draughty stone farmhouse to discover the amazing benefits of mohair on our feet; the fleece from the angora goat. Mohair is much warmer than sheep's wool and being soft yet hardwearing, makes the perfect yarn for seriously comfortable and warm socks. The children didn't much appreciate Harry's reluctance to buy heating oil and became great fans of their "Momos", the Kid Mohair Explorer childrens socks we designed. These served multiple purposes of using the wonderfully soft baby angora fleece (from the goats' first shearing), keeping their little feet warm on cold slate, saving money and of course helping reduce our carbon footprint... and so The Wool Company was born.

Our Mission

Everyone at The Wool Company are fans of natural fibres almost to the extent of being fanatical. This combined with our obsessive nature of discovering the most wonderful products, makes for a truly excitable team! Sample products are greeted with much anticipation before being subjected to a tortuous examination and endless comparison. We strive to deliver the very highest quality in bedding, soft furnishings and clothing, that cannot readily be found elsewhere.

We love sending out products that really do make a difference to our customers lives that they can truly enjoy for many, many years, giving a true meaning to “value for money” .

One word sums up everything we do here: Quality – it is our compass that drives everything we do. Our customer services team are superbly knowledgeable and will help you in every aspect of your journey with us – before, during and after your purchase – we go the extra inch to help!

We source as many of our products as we can from the UK, but some come from further afield, such as Portugal, Austria, India, Nepal, China, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Our famous sheepskins are very local from the South West of England and we boast the most extensive range of wool blankets anywhere in the world, including many from our Yorkshire based blanket manufacturers.

Our Business

The Wool Company started with our own range of kid mohair socks for children and adults, but we soon realised that there was a serious shortage of supply of high quality natural wool and luxury natural fibre products and started to develop our range. As well as selling to our loyal retail customers online we supply a significant number of corporate customers including worldwide hotel chains, luxury yachts, mansions, castles, ski resorts, boutiques shops, boutique hotels, interior designers, oil rigs and breweries.

The Wool Company is a Partnership owned by Harry Mayman and Sarah Mayman
Partnership Address: Higher Hill Farm, Cardinham, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL30 4EG. VAT Registration Number: 896 5111 94