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Severe Weather and Delays

Dear loyal and frustrated Customers

Please read this before you phone us!

Last week we were snowed in. We did manage to dispatch some orders on Wednesday but nothing since then until today. Addtionally, due to the severe weather over the past few days our carriers have not been able to collect many orders that we packed up, and for which we generated consignments (shipping labels) on Thursday and Friday, either from our warehouse at Higher Hill Farm or from our warehouse on the industrial estate in Redruth, basically, all the roads out of Cornwall were closed at the end of last week.

On top of that our team were unable to get to work at our office on Friday (or at the weekend). The roads were also closed around Exeter (where all our carriers drive through) and the couriers were told by the powers that be not to venture out. Consequently, although we picked packed and completed some orders from here, our carriers have, in most cases, not been able to collect the consignments. This means that although your order may be showing as dispatched/complete, the tracking will not yet be active because the drivers have not checked the items into their collection depot.

Collections will catch up this afternoon as our local roads are now clear and the tracking will be updated this evening. To find out more please be patient, and wait until this evening for accurate tracking. If we have emailed you to tell you your order has been dispatched there is really not much more we can do other than click the same tracking link we sent you, so please check the tracking this evening using that link in the first instance.

  • There are delays in deliveries so, even if we have packed an order and made it ready for the courier and generated a consignment number, the tracking may not appear active until Monday evening;
  • If you have received tracking details then please use the link we sent you to keep an eye on them using the carrier's web site for up-to-date information regarding delivieries to your local area but don't expect anything too quickly as there are still blocakges around the country;
  • If you have not received tracking details please be patient!  If we have completed your order and emailed you to that effect we have done everything we can here and as soon as the carriers collect and update their system your tracking will become active;
  • You can contact us using our Contact Us page. Please include your order number with any enquiry;
  • Please don't phone us unless you need to as we are now snowed under with phone calls as well as trying to catch up with all the jobs we couldn't do in the last half of last week - I do hope you understand!

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience that these unavoidable delays will have caused.

Kind regards

Harry Mayman

Chief Snow Shoveller and Bottle Washer