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Blankets for the Homeless

Blankets for the Homeless

Just before Christmas last year we were contacted by The Kindness Offensive (TKO) asking us if we had any blankets we could hand out to the homeless at Christmas. We are not a manufacturer so don't have "second quality" blankets that we could give away, but it got me thinking. We contacted one of our (British) suppliers who had some fireproof  material they were prepared to sell us cheap. We asked them to cut it up and try to get it to us in time for Christmas. They couldn't do it by the deadline but  sooner or later we got 500 hundred (fireproof) blankets to hand out...

We got back to The Kindness Offensive and those lovely people borrowed a van from the helpful guys at Streetcar, now Zipcar (the convenient alternative to car ownership or car hire).  Despite the satnav telling them they had fallen offthe edge of the world they eventually found us. We just managed to squeeze the blankets into the van and sent them back to London to hand them out.

They did a bit of filming while they were at it and frankly we were more than chuffed we had gone to the trouble. The blankets really were appreciated by their receipients!  

Watch the video of TKO handing the blankets out to some of the 500 of London's homeless they went to. It might bring a tear to the eye... It certainly did for me...