Cashmere Baby Blankets

Pure cashmere blankets and baby shawls from The Wool Company are created from the finest, softest, highest-grade pure 100% cashmere wool....

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Pure cashmere blankets and baby shawls from The Wool Company are created from the finest, softest, highest-grade pure 100% cashmere wool.

Our cashmere blanket collection features superfine Merino wool and 100% pure cashmere baby blankets. From providing your baby a gentle cover before bedtime to layering the pram for long walks outside, these cashmere blankets will give warmth and great comfort to both you and your little one.

Cashmere is one of the world’s most noble and finest fibres, and naturally, everyone enjoys the feel of this precious material. The name “cashmere” derives from the old spelling of Kashmir, the region in northern India, where the breeding of the Changthangi goat (or Pashmina goat, Kashmir goat) originated many hundred years ago.

Nowadays, there is a multitude of cashmere goat breeds in China, Australia, Mongolia, and Tibet, but the finest cashmere wool is harvested from the Pashmina goats living high above sea level - an environment with an extreme range of temperatures that has made these goats grow extraordinarily fine hair called “down” to keep them warm when the temperatures drop or cool them down in the heat.

Cashmere wool is harvested by combing the much coarser guard hairs that insulate the down. This gives cashmere the natural insulating quality that baby shawls and blankets need. Being so amazingly soft, it is also a perfect fibre for the most delicate and sensitive of skins and creates the most luxurious newborn gifts.

Cashmere blankets you see here have been made in Ireland, Scotland, or England from the finest natural yarns exclusively for The Wool Company. These manufacturers produce cashmere baby blanket statement pieces in 100% pure cashmere and Merino wool which has been acknowledged by the British Royal family.

Our cashmere blankets give a light and warm, comforting layer of beautiful cashmere luxury for your baby, whether in the cot, pram, or cradled in your arms. The white baby blanket is usually chosen as a receiving blanket or a christening shawl, but can also make a highly practical swaddling blanket.

Our cashmere blanket and white shawl collection are suitable for baby boys and girls, so you can choose the perfect newborn gift early. With its high quality and durability, a cashmere baby blanket will be a timeless heirloom that can be passed down in a family for generations.

If you are at a loss for what to get for a christening gift, a gorgeous white baby blanket will make the ideal christening shawl. Many people select a white shawl that doubles as a christening blanket as a treasured gift for a new baby's parents. Cashmere baby blankets make the best christening gifts for girls and boys.

A classic white shawl represents purity and will be the perfect christening blanket choice for the ceremony. All of our cashmere baby items will be complimentary gift-wrapped in our luxury Wool Company boxes, ready to be presented as thoughtful christening presents.


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Merino wool & cashmere blend checked pattern cream background baby blanket with tasselled edge super-soft By The Wool Company
Merino Cashmere Blend Baby Blanket
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