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Why wool

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Our Wool duvets are produced from sheep that are not Merino and consequently do not suffer mulesing

Is Merino the Best Wool? Well, Yes and No!

Merino is better for blankets and clothing because the long staple (fibre length) creates a very good yarn and the fibre is thinner (fewer microns) so consequently feels softer to the touch whilst still being relatively hardwearing. However, there is no benefit of using Merino over other wool if it is encased in a duvet cover and you can't touch it, so there's no point in using Merino wool in a duvet. Our duvets are made up of a of traditionally cross bred Downs sheep born bred and shorn in Australia: they are designed for maximum loft and superior drape. If we could use all British Wool we would and we are working on it!

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