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Medical Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskins are extremely soft, dense and supportive; many customers tell of very quick results

Medical Sheepskin

These extra large luxury Merino-Cross Sheepskins are shorn down to 25 mm for an all over even length and are extremely soft, thick and supportive. They are totally magical to touch.

Being so dense, they provide support, reducing pressure and friction in bed, and maintain correct humidity to reduce bedsores.

Chose from our Bowron Medical Sheepskins or our Super Luxury Merino Sheepskins Tanned in the USA. Very large minimum 120 x 75 cm. Natural shape.

If these sheepskins are not within your budget - may we recommend that you look in the baby section, where you will find smaller sheepskins, that will do the job very well; wonderful instant relief for pressure areas that don't require a huge skin Please look >  here