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Wool Duvets, Pillows, Mattress Toppers


Sleeping under one of our duvets guarantees: -

Hover over this text for tool tip!!!∗ Scientifically proven deeper more restful sleep

∗ All year comfort under a warm lightweight natural breathable quilt

∗ Anti-allergenic - Naturally resists dust mites and mould

Personal micro-climate created by the world's best natural insulator

∗ Helps prevent over-heating but still keeps you warm

Moisture wicked away from body helps maintain an even body temperature all night

Very fine pure cotton casing so no stray fibres

∗ Much better drape - similar to high quality down duvets.


We use Woolmark® approved Pure New wool to fill our wool duvets. The manufacturing process produces a cleaner fibre, it increases its ability to trap air, providing enhanced insulation properties and an optimum sleeping environment. Our wool filled duvets are durable, machine-washable, can be tumble dried and maintain their shape and loft. .

As you can machine wash and tumble-dry our duvets, you can relax and not worry about the occasional spillage, or the toxic chemicals used in dry-clean only duvets.

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