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Baby Bedding

Other Wool Facts

Lesser known facts about this marvellous fibre is that wool is

  • Resistant to sunlight and provides a higher UV filter than many other fibres.
  • Its durability and strength comes from the fact that the fibres can be bent back on themselves 20,000 times before breaking (to put this into context cotton breaks after 3,200 bends and rayon fibres only last 75 times!)
  • Wool has played a vital role in cultures and economies around the world for centuries. It was one of England’s principal trading stocks in the Middle Ages. Warm, comfortable, strong and natural, it is an incredibly practical textile, hard-wearing and suitable for everyday use.
  • With dozens of manmade fibres available on the market today, textile industry experts, manufacturers and fashion designers still believe that you can’t beat wool for elegance, endurance and value.

When The Wool Company owners, Harry and Sarah Mayman acquired a flock of rare breed Angora goats, little did they know how these beautiful animals would change their lives. Their original intention of having goats to keep the weeds down was soon re-evaluated when the first shearing season came around. The Maymans were so impressed by the quality and luxuriousness of the goats’ wool (mohair) that they began researching ways in which they could use the natural bi-product of their four-legged, woolly mowing machines. They were inspired by what they discovered.

At The Wool Company, we find wool alluring because of its versatility, practicality and luxuriousness. Humans feel naturally comforted by the closeness of a wool blanket, shawl or duvet wrapped around them, and our customers will feel reassured that they have invested in long-lasting quality when they buy one of our products.