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Why wool

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Why Wool is Better than Goosedown, Silk or Manmade Fibres

Even the most expensive manmade fibre duvet fills don't have the breathability qualities of either down or wool but as they are a petrochemical products they do have well funded lobbying organisations pushing their products! However wool is better still than down for the following reasons:

• Goose down is an excellent insulator because it traps a lot of air, but it doesn't breathe as well as wool.

• Goose down does not breathe very well because of the way it insulates, trapping the air and preventing moisture from escaping.

• It is the trapped moisture that leads to high humidity under your duvet causing you to feel sweaty. This makes you restless and as you move to air the 'sweaty bits' it reduces the quality of your sleep.

• Wool is a good insulator but also absorbs the moisture your body gives off very quickly yet does not feel at all damp until it has absorbed more than a third of its weight in water, much more than down or manmade fibre and therefore much better. This is why it doesn't feel damp or humid under a wool duvet.

• Down and feather can't absorb water so quickly or to the same extent, so the humidity under a down or feather duvet is higher than under a wool duvet. This is because they are designed to be water repellant unlike wool which relies on the sheep to create lanolin to repel water.

• If you sleep with a partner you will have slightly different metabolisms which means your bodies will need to lose heat at different rates this is why one partner often feels hot and sweaty whilst the other may complain of not feeling warm enough.

• Wool easily accommodates individual temperature requirements regulating the micro-climate under the duvet for each of you and promoting restful sleep

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