A transition from Before Coronavirus (BC) to After Coronavirus (AC)

A transition from Before Coronavirus (BC) to After Coronavirus (AC)
Dear loyal customers
In these unprecedented times I would like you to know that the care and consideration of our customers, staff and suppliers is our first priority.
You may know that The Wool Company is a small team, but we have a large extended network of suppliers and partners in the UK and around the world, with many of whom we have worked closely for years. We feel that we are connected with you all and want to share our thoughts at this frightening time.
Naturally life and health are enormously more important to us all than survival of businesses and incomes, and this is of course always everybody's primary concern. After that the worries of keeping a roof over one's head and feeding one's family are causing huge anxiety to so many of us all.
You will probably know that we are an online business that operates out of a farm in Cornwall (and we don't have any bricks & mortar stores). Many of our local customers and friends are in the tourism, hospitality or travel sectors and are already suffering existential threats to their businesses or to their jobs, leading to the very real prospect of bankruptcy and in some cases homelessness and even hunger. Who could have possibly predicted this before last Christmas?
Our list of subscribers is very diverse, with many people of power and influence on it and we are proud to count a number of MPs and cabinet ministers' names from both sides of the House amongst them.
Last Christmas was BC and I am sure we all expect the world to be a very different place in a year's time, with the fear of many having lost loved ones and livelihoods. As well as working on the primary goal of supporting the overstretched NHS in saving lives, we dearly hope governments will pull out all the stops to support small businesses. We can see that many European governments appear to be doing so, but, as of this evening we still remain to be convinced that the UK government will do so.
For our own part and for the past couple of weeks we have been taking extra care with hand-washing, minimal physical contact, a strict policy of hygiene and following government guidelines regarding social distancing and separation and we are now operating a partial working from home regime.
Although our daily orders have dropped by nearly 80% in the past couple of weeks, The Wool Company remains open for business in the run up to Mother's Day and we will do our best to carry on as the contagion spreads.
In the meantime we wish you health and peace. Stay safe.
Kindest regards
Harry and Sarah Mayman

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