Wool Blankets

Find a variety of light and soft British wool blankets made from finest natural fibres. Our blankets come in warm colours to suit any roo...

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Find a variety of light and soft British wool blankets made from finest natural fibres. Our blankets come in warm colours to suit any room.

Wool blankets not only are extremely cosy, but possess naturally warming properties. As wool is known to be an “active fibre”, it can react to your body's temperature and is a great insulator. Hence a classic wool blanket can both actively keep you warm in the winter, and cool you down in the summer. On top of that even thick wool blankets have breathability therefore it lets your body breathe even when you are tucked in and feeling cosy.

In addition, woolen blankets are more resistant to wear and tear than many other synthetic textile materials, so it's a great investment guaranteed to last a lifetime when properly cared for. Because of the material's robustness and slight natural elasticity, pure wool blankets won't stretch out of shape and will maintain their fresh look for longer.

Durability of wool bed blankets makes them easy to care for as well. How to wash a wool blanket? Well, although some claim that 100% wool blankets can be washed in the washing machine, wool is an incredibly resilient fiber and doesn't require frequent cleaning. Often enough shaking and hanging your woolen blanket for ventilating will be more than enough. If it's still not enough, give it a little spray all over or in spots that need to be cleaned, and then leave it hanging. Only when the wool is very dirty, should you give it a proper bath with a mild and pH neutral soap to not lose the natural oils that were protecting your pure wool blanket in the first place.

Besides previously mentioned British wool blankets are made from sustainable and renewable material that has a very low impact on the environment and is easy to produce. Moreover, knowing that 100% wool blankets are almost everlasting, it's an affordable investment that provides extremely good value. The Wool Company has handpicked the best wool blankets to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Our blankets are woven in England, Wales, France, Italy and Portugal and are offered in a myriad of colours, textures and warmth weights. Whether you are looking for a thick wool blanket or summer weight wool blanket - we have it all. As the price rises, expect a finer and softer grade of wool and more elegant finishing, but all are excellent quality. Additionally, all our wool blankets come in various sizes - from single to king size wool blankets, if you want to cover a bed.

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