Q. How much are your shipping costs?

A. Add item to basket and see costs on next page.

From about £4.50 for most UK addresses unless you have chosen Free Delivery (see below). The shipping cost depends on the combined weight and the delivery address of your order. As you go through the checkout, the postage costs will be confirmed before payment.

Q. Do you do free delivery and free returns?

A. We may occasionally offer free delivery to UK Mainland delivery addresses for orders over a certain value.  If Free Delivery is currently available this will be an option at the checkout and will be clearly visible on other pages of our website.  in order to keep our prices low, we do not offer free returns. This is constantly being reviewed and if more customers want it we will alter our policy.

Q. Your Atkinson blankets are cheaper than Harrods. Are they "first quality"?

A. Yes, they are first quality blankets. The reason they are competitively priced is because we are the biggest online distributor of the John Atkinson Brand and have low overheads. Combining a good price from the manufacturers and economies of scale helps us keep prices to our customers low.

Q. How do I care for a pure wool christening shawl?

A. The pure wool christening shawl can be gently hand-washed. However, it's important to use an approved wool detergent. Most detergents even non-bio ones are not wool friendly so you need to use one that specifically says it is safe for wool. Look here for our recommended products. For best results, dry the shawl flat in a warm, airy space. Gently ease it back into shape before and during drying.

Q. I have a sexto black rug which is looking worse for wear; how can I revive it?

A. Have you thoroughly brushed it through? This can have an amazing effect on the overall condition of the hair of the rug. Regular brushing prevents the hairs from matting. Have a look at our brush here!

Q. Could you recommend an all-round duvet?

A. The best all year round duvet is the Wool Company Combination Duvet. It does all seasons from very hot to very cold and everything in between.

Q. Do you deliver to Germany?

A. Yes we can deliver to Germany. Once you get to our checkout stage, our website will calculate the cost of delivery depending on the number of products in your order.

Q. What is the difference between soft sheepskin and comforter please?

A. The soft sheepskin has natural length hairs which give a softer feel. The baby lambskin comforter is shorn down to provide more support for the baby.

Q. Would you use a sheet over the cot bed mattress toppers?

A. We would advise putting a sheet over the mattress topper to keep the sheepskin clean for longer. We all know what babies/kids are like!