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The Wool Company started on our farm in Cornwall with our own small range of kid mohair socks for children and adults, but we soon realised that there was a serious shortage of high-quality natural wool and luxury natural fibre products supplying the UK market, so we started to develop our range of wool duvets, blankets and pashminas.

As well as selling to our loyal customers online, we supply a significant number of multi-national hotel chains, luxury yachts, restaurants, castles, ski resorts, boutique hotels and shops, interior designers, breweries and even oil rigs. 

Our Mission:

Turn the world onto wool

The Wool Company's mission is to turn the world onto wool, promoting its remarkable qualities of sustainability, luxury, and technical performance, and to propel the textile industry towards a more sustainable future.

We are fanatical about quality natural fibres - hence our strapline “The World's Finest Fibres”. Quality, Value, Sustainability and Service are our four cardinal principles.

Quality drives everything we do: we’re obsessive about finding the very highest quality in bedding, soft furnishings and clothing and our products often cannot be found elsewhere.

Value for money for us means products that fufil their promise, give long service and that really do make a difference to our customers’ lives.

The great importance of the sustainability of natural fibres is becoming better understood globally and their role in helping reduce toxic plastic pollution is ever more important.

Our customer service team is superbly knowledgeable. We go the extra mile to help and advise you – before, during and after your purchase.

Guided by our four principles, we source as many of our products as we can locally and most are from the UK and Ireland. Our famous sheepskins are mostly very local; from southwest England and our extensive range of wool blankets includes many from our Yorkshire-based blanket makers where woollen mills have been operating for hundreds of years. But our quest for quality takes us to places such as Italy, Portugal, Austria, India, Nepal, South Africa, even as far as New Zealand.

Our Story

Our story is a tale of wild boar, weedy fields, Angora goats and cold feet...

We moved back to Cornwall in 2002 after an absence of twenty years when we discovered we were to have a third child. In the depths of a cold wet December we bought the remains of a run-down farm; a house, barns and a few acres of impenetrable weeds and bog on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

Higher Hill Farm had previously been a successful wild boar farm - a good early example of farming diversification – but it had problems with escapees (there is still the occasional wild boar sighted in local woods). Unfortunately, after the wild boar left, most of the topsoil had gone too, leaving only stony ground, sucking bogs and head-high weeds. With no experience of animal husbandry (except cats), Sarah took up the search for the right livestock to help us bring the land back into "good heart". Having dismissed ostrich, bison, llamas, alpacas, cattle and 'normal sheep' the only animals she thought that could live comfortably off our land were goats, and the only goat breed that wouldn't jump over our fences were Angoras, who produce the lustrous fleece and fibre, mohair.

It took only one winter in our freezing, draughty stone farmhouse to discover the amazing benefits of their fabulous fleece on our feet. Mohair is warmer than sheep's wool and, being soft yet hard-wearing, it makes the perfect yarn for very soft, warm and hard-wearing socks. The children didn't much appreciate Harry's reluctance to buy heating oil but they became great fans of their "Momos", the Kid Mohair Explorer childrens socks we designed and had knitted in Leicestershire… and so The Wool Company took its first steps.

Sixteen years on and still on the farm, we know a great deal more about wool of all kinds than we did in 2006, and a lot more about goats, sheep, natural fibres and sustainability, but our passion for Mother Nature's technical fibre is as fresh as ever.

Our mission, hopes and values in more detail

Our long term mission is to revolutionise the textile industry by championing the superior sustainability, quality, and ethical value of wool and other natural fibres. We are committed to promoting ecological resilience through regenerative farming practices and slow fashion, supporting economic sustainability by empowering small and organic farmers, and enhancing social well-being by bolstering local communities and traditional crafts. At The Wool Company, we strive to deliver unparalleled quality and service, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds the expectations of eco-conscious consumers.


We advocate sustainability. Sustainability has been a central plank of our ethos since we started in 2006. 

In general, Sustainability can be seen as built on three constituent pillars: Ecological, Economic and Social.

Ecological Sustainability: We are working on our objective to get to net zero. Candidly, this is a work in progress with significant challenges. We have already taken many steps on our path to achieve net zero by 2029. We advocate for agroforestry silvopasture, regenerative farming, slow fashion, minimal use of chemicals, and reduce, repair, reuse, recycle. Our products are made using 100% wool, be it wool from sheep, goat, alpaca, camel or yak; or a very high percentage wool mix. We have always tried to keep the use of manmade fibres (especially petrochemical textiles) to an absolute minimum, usually none at all.

Economic Sustainability: We try to work with small farmers (having been one of these for a while) and organic farmers, who provide public goods in their farming practices, as well as wool, spinners and mills that provide local employment and whose policies avoid outsourcing.

Social Sustainability: We try to support small, commune run or family-led businesses both in the UK and abroad. UK sheep farming provides much-needed employment in poor rural areas and supports isolated communities and traditional ways of life.

Find out more about the three pillars of sustainability here: -

Is Wool a Sustainable Fibre?

Guided by our four principles, we source as many of our products as we can from the UK and Ireland: our famous sheepskins are mostly very local; from the southwest of England, and our extensive range of wool blankets includes many from our Yorkshire-based blanket manufacturers where English woollen mills have been scouring and weaving for hundreds of years. But our quest for quality takes us to places such as Portugal, Italy, Austria, India, Nepal, China, South Africa, even as far as New Zealand.


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