Sheepskin Pet Beds

Real sheepskin pet beds for your beloved cat or dog. Choose from economy pet sheepskins or our exclusive luxury merino pet beds - huge...

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Real sheepskin pet beds for your beloved cat or dog. Choose from economy pet sheepskins or our exclusive luxury merino pet beds - huge, incredibly soft and fabulous to feel.

If you are lucky enough to share your home with a dog or cat, you will be familiar with their desire to find the softest, warmest, most snuggly place to sleep (usually your bed, given half a chance) or if you have an agile cat, the airing cupboard! 

Try introducing them to one of our snuggle pet beds made from 100% natural materials. Sheepskin dog beds and cat beds are wonderful in their properties to soothe & relax. Your pet will immediately gravitate to the new sheepskin pet bed for comfort.

Pet beds for cats and dogs covered with our genuine sheepskins will be a real hit with your best friend and keep your sofa or bed clean. Our two dogs have their sheepskin dog beds in the office and more in the house, positioned where we want them to sleep, keeping them from being a trip hazard.

Genuine sheepskin is very different from a synthetic pet bed, which seems to constantly smell of your pet's worst qualities. With natural dog beds from sheepskins, the wool soaks up moisture and then naturally dries out, limiting smells, just like your favourite wool jumper. If you are troubled by smelly pet beds that never feel fully dry and fresh, sheepskin dog and cat beds will be a dream for you!

We have the classic undyed sheepskin cat beds in natural white and brown, as well as a range of sheepskins for a fluffy pet bed in an array of fabulous colours. Soft, natural calming pet beds for dogs and cats that will nestle your pet and provide warmth and comfort. 

You can also choose to spoil your pet with our luxury pet beds created using offcuts of a Merino-cross North American sheepskin, perfect to line a pet basket. A fluffy pet bed from this luxurious wool will be a real talking piece, you may end up loving it so much that your pet does not get a look in! 

Our high-quality skins for luxury pet beds are shorn down to 25 mm. These are whole pieces in an oval shape in various sizes, complete with a boho shaggy edge. They are made from the best quality sheepskins available anywhere in the world. A small dog bed lined with these will be a dream for your dog!

If you are searching for natural dog beds, look no further! Sheepskin pet beds will be a real treat for your dog or cat and quickly become their favourite spot in the house. Easy to take care of and maintain, sheepskins are perfect for creating calming pet beds any owner and man's best friend will appreciate.