Pong-free sheepskin dog beds

We’re no strangers to dogs trying to wriggle and reverse themselves into the best spot on the sofa, or loudly purring cats pushing us humans out of bed. We’ve learned to be ruthlessly tactical and position our super snuggly sheepskin pet beds exactly where we want our four-legged friends to go. 

Yes, animals, we are in charge. Honest. 

How we make our sheepskin dog beds

Having said that we’re not pandering to our pooches, we’re going to come clean here and admit otherwise. These Luxury Oval Sheepskin Pet Beds really are the bee’s knees. We use offcuts of a Merino-cross North American sheepskin that is extremely dense and delightfully soft. You’ll find this kind of sheepskin lining the footwells and boots of the most luxurious and pricey cars in the world! 

Can’t… stop… stroking!

The skins are clipped to 25mm thick, then highly ironed to create an irresistible feel, which looks almost polished. They are so beautifully tactile and come in a seven colourways. They’re trimmed to perfectly fit an oval pet basket.

You may prefer the shaggy unfinished edge of the more Boho chic Large Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed, which we’ve made from two end pieces sewn together. 

Sheepskin pet products loved by dogs and us

Our two dogs have been squashing up close to sleep together on the pet rug we have in one of their baskets here in the office, because neither one will give up on the promise of its snuggly comfort. We’ve chosen the Natural Chocolate Economy Sheepskin Rug for our two, because we love the naturally rich colour of this undyed wool with its sunlight bleached tips. You may prefer the creamy white Economy Pet Sheepskin Rug

Shape to suit

The joy of our economy rugs is that you never know exactly what you’re going to get. You may get a long wool skin, or it may be a short wool skin. They are all unfinished so they haven’t been shaped. You can use a Stanley knife or a pair of scissors to cut it to suit. You may find they’re an uneven shape, or there’s a small bare patch (although never in the middle), or perhaps tiny hole. Rest assured this won’t affect the strength of the skin. 

Odour free pet beds - only in sheepskin

You know how synthetic pet beds always have a certain aroma, dare we say it - whiff - about them? Our all natural real wool pet beds don’t suffer the same scourge. The magic of wool strikes again as the fibres absorb moisture and bad smells, then dry out fully, and naturally. So you and pooch can enjoy an odour free pet bed and the ultimate comfort of sheepskin - pong free.

Easy to clean sheepskin pet beds

You’ll want to know how to clean your pet’s sheepie, and the good news is that it is very easy.  Go outside, give it a good shakedown and brush it over with our Bamboo Sheepskin brush. And that’s it! You could pop it in the washing machine if you really want to, but we don’t recommend it. The gorgeous highly polished finish may suffer.

The irresistibility of the sheepskin snuggle

Who can resist these little pups? They’re cuddled up on our beautifully soft, natural Sheepskin Snuggle Pet Rug for cats and smaller dogs, these puppies  were born to ‘Twiggy’ our gorgeous chocolate labrador on the farm and all went to their new homes with a complimentary sheepskin, they had been born and spent their first few months settling on sheepskins so the association to relaxing, comfortable sleep was instinctive to them. This rug is fully machine washable, which could be appealing when your furry friends are still young. These sheepskins come from Australia and New Zealand and are finished in China with a padded backing. The tips are dyed a stunning rich caramel colour. 

Twiggys puppies

Dog owners catered for too

Last, but absolutely not least, our super dense luxury sheepskins can be just the tonic for humans too. If you’re suffering with post walk blisters, or perhaps even we also have the Bowron Medical Fleece Ease for your bed to relieve sores and help you achieve a good nights sleep, alternatively for on the move comfort try resting your tender patch on this.  

If you have any questions about which sheepskin pet bed to choose for your pooch, please do drop us a line!
  • New Balls!
  • Village Greens

New balls please! With Wimbledon champions still battling it out on court, and the British Open on the horizon, we thought it time to look into balls of a different kind - woollen dryer balls....

You simply throw them into the tumble dryer and not only do they shorten drying time *green points!*, they soften fabric and beat out the creases. They are all natural and not as noisy as the plastic alternatives. They even save your drier from chemical residues left over by fabric softeners.

Neither could we resist these cutely designed, Yorkshire sheep versions.

Notes from the Village

Our local farm shop, Village Greens, is a not-for-profit, run by lovely people to serve our local community on Bodmin Moor. They provide local and organic produce, fabulous cooked breakfasts and great company in our sometimes lonely bucolic idyll. We love what they do for our community, we love their gorgeous cakes and produce and want to share their weekly newsletter. In it Di provides beautiful and amusing insights into modern organic smallholding and farming life. Come and join us on Friday mornings if you can - bring a shopping bag too, but in the meantime, sit back, read on and enjoy...

A scorching week, great news for anyone hay-turning, less so for vegetable and flower growers, who's crops are probably suffering in the heat.

The dogs did a sit down protest on one of our longer walks the other day, deciding to lie down in the shade for a few minutes before we made our way home.

Another dog walking occasion turned into something quite unexpected. I have been tying the collie's lead around my waist and cycling up the road to give her a run. We cover more ground at a faster pace, which is exactly what she needs. My risk assesment of this activity concluded that there was considerable risk, but we'd take it anyway. What I hadn't factored in was the dog's instinct to give chase when we saw a fox cub. So there I was, balanced on two wheels, being pulled along by an excited dog, in a haphazard manner. Happily for us all, fox included, the dog tired, we slowed down, and came to a dignified stop. No electric bikes needed here, just keen canines.

At Village Greens we are thinking about ways to reduce single-use plastics. Our fruit & veg are plastic free with the exceptions of some fruit trays, please bring these back for re-use, and the occasional plastic bag which can also be re-used. Nearly all our groceries are packaged in cardboard or glass and our wholesaler, Suma, are working on ways to reduce any plastic or cellophane. The cleaning area is one of the most difficult to eliminate single-use plastic, but we can reduce it! Our bulk washing-up liquid and laundry liquid are selling well, so we are now purchasing it in 20 litre containers which makes it even cheaper, just bring your bottles along, any size, although we do have a few spares. We are considering getting the toilet cleaner in bulk, but we need the bottles with the specific top for cleaning under rims – so can you please start saving the bottles, any donations from anyone gratefully received. Are you interested in shampoo or conditioner in bulk? If so let us know. Have you tried our plastic bag alternatives? We all need plastic bags at some time but let’s use ones that are made from corn and similar plant residues that can be composted. It's easy to think that one little thing won't make much difference, but added together, the cumulative effect could be huge.

On the veg stall this week we have lots of summer treats, including avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and broad beans. There will be local salad bags, soft fruit and flowers.

It's the last week of Marion's cake stall, so Eccles Cake fans will need to stock up to see themselves through the weeks till she returns.

Village Greens is open on Fridays from 9am until 1pm
at Warleggan Jubilee Hall, Mount, near Bodmin PL30 4HB

See you there


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