Romance edit: 7th anniversary gift idea

Romance edit: 7th anniversary gift idea

Congratulations on your forthcoming 7th wedding anniversary! Traditionally in the UK, the 7th anniversary gift is wool, to signify the warmth and comfort you feel when you are with your beloved. 

The modern alternative is a desk set - but with the rise of the paperless office, we’re betting that’s going to be updated pretty soon!

Wool: all natural, long-lasting, sustainable - what could be a more perfect symbol of your commitment? We’re certain it has nothing to do with the ‘seven-year itch’ - especially with our downy soft wools! And you don’t have to stick to our lovely lambswool either as cashmere, alpaca and mohair are all considered wools too.

Seven woolly 7th anniversary gift ideas 

In the name of ever-lasting love, give the gift of long-lasting wool and remember this anniversary for years to come. Every time she shelters her shoulders from an evening chill. Whenever he hunkers behind the warmth of his cashmere scarf. All those lazy summer days and social occasions you pull out the picnic rug and make memories forever more. We’re not calling this the romance edit for nothing! 

Keep her warm when you’re not there

Wrap your partner in a hug, even when you aren’t together with our Cashmere pashmina. Our super soft pashminas are woven from the finest underbelly and chest of the Capra-Hircus goat, which lives at high altitude on the Mongolian Plateau in Nepal and Tibet. The silver version of this gossamer-light stole was worn at the Swedish Royal Wedding recently (is there photo evidence of this to link to please?). Softens with wear, much like every successful partnership.

Rekindle love

To subtly prevent ice cold toes from creeping over to your side of the bed try our Sheepskin hot water bottle. This hot water bottle is handcrafted in England from a single piece of curly Swedish sheepskin. It’s so cosy it doesn’t need boiling water, just hot water from the tap. You’ll be swapping your super king for a queen size double before you know it!

Make memories together forever

How about a Woollen picnic blanket for romantic picnics on the beach or in the hills. Don’t forget to throw in a bottle of finest fizz, too. Snuggle up and watch the sunset together, protected from the cool, damp earth by some of nature’s finest and most reliant fibre.

Savour every moment

This Frothy Coffee Sheepskin rug is all natural. Proudly showing off its true colours with no dye or bleach used, each fleece is picked for its pattern, from sheep born and bred in Devon and Cornwall. Remember where it all began, your true love, from the indulgent comfort of your new sitting room rug!

Add to your forever home 

Choose a Sheep doorstop to keep the wolf from the door. He’ll likely become a new member of the family, so think of a name before you give him.

Linger a while longer

The Geisha cashmere blanket is possibly the most exquisitely luxurious bed cover you can provide. Only the purest and naturally whitest fibres have been hand selected for each blanket. Whiter than white. As pure as can be. Just like your love for one another!

His ‘n’ hers

If there’s a wearable woollen that’s most frequently sought by both halves of our marriage, it’s the cashmere scarf. It all started with a neutral shade that he thought was very him only to find she was wearing it. Little has changed since we introduced greys and tartan designs to the product line. If ever there was a perfect his and hers gift, this has to be it - although you might have to agree to buy one each!

If you’ve got any questions about our wool gifts, please do drop us a line!

I wool always love ewe

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