Science of sleep

Recent research demonstrates that, under many conditions, people sleep better if their bedding products are made from wool.

Known for the natural features of comfort and quality, wool bedding products have been proven in studies to actually help you sleep better!

The moisture retention and wicking properties of wool help you to stay at a comfortable temperature, dry with less sweating and overheating.

The recent ‘Sleeping Comfort’ study, conducted by The Woolmark Company and the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Science, set out to establish a scientific link between the human body, bedding products and sleeper comfort.

By establishing a Thermal Comfort Assessment Rating through a series of human and laboratory trials, the results of the study established that wool bedding products:

• Breathe more naturally than synthetic products

 Increase the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep known as the REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage, where the sleeper is totally relaxed and most dreaming takes place

• Facilitates a comfortable body temperature – the body gets to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and stays there for longer. Quite simply, it all adds up to a better night’s sleep.


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