Why is it better to sleep under wool than goosedown or manmade fibre?

IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT insulation!

What we humans need to ensure a good night's sleep is homeostasis (remaining at a stable temperature) it has been scientifically proven by the University of Sydney that under most normal conditions people sleep deeper and better under wool.

  Manmade Fibre
(e.g. Hollow Fibre)
Goosedown Wool
Excellent Insulator
Traps lots of air
Petrochemical free
Slightly breathable
Highly breathable
Absorbs moisture readily
Excellent desorption qualities
(gets rid of moisture quickly)
Transfers moisture awayfrom the skin
Allows for different temperature sleeping partners
Regulates body temperature for each body
Designed to insulate mammals
Scientifically proven more restful sleep (5)
Cool in Summer Warm in Winter
Extremely painful for the animal