Medical Sheepskin

Medical grade sheepskins, therapeutic sheepskins, and sheepskin pressure relief pads for hospital or at-home use to prevent bedsores and ...

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Medical grade sheepskins, therapeutic sheepskins, and sheepskin pressure relief pads for hospital or at-home use to prevent bedsores and provide optimal comfort. Sheepskin wheelchair covers and pads.

Sheepskin is known for its health benefits being hypoallergenic, naturally water-resistant, and fire retardant, as well as extremely soft, dense, and supportive. ​​Many choose sheepskin for bed sores, as its density reduces pressure and friction in the bed and maintains correct humidity. Sheepskin medical rugs are suitable for hospital or at-home use to help alleviate pressure points and give rapid relief from lying in one position for long periods of time. 

Our sheepskin medical rugs, pads, and cushions are very dense—there is always a layer of air below you when you lie or sit on them. The wool also combats moisture build-up, providing comfort for long periods of staying still. Read more about the benefits of using sheepskin for pressure sores and other health benefits that wool can provide!

In our office, we all have a sheepskin to sit on, and they make a big difference in keeping us supported and warm without overheating.

The Wool Company also offers sheepskin for wheelchairs. 100% medical lambswool Oeko-Tex certified medical sheepskin pad to provide comfort and support for the wheelchair user. The unique properties of our sheepskins for wheelchairs allow the skin to breathe while cushioning the body and helping to regulate body temperature. You can fix the medical sheepskin pad in place on a chair or wheelchair with a fastening strap. It's an extremely practical item if you have a medical sheepskin chair pad without it.

All of our sheepskin medical rugs are shorn down to 25 mm for an all-over even length and are remarkably soft and thick—a total delight to the touch. The high-density structure makes each of them an ideal sheepskin for bed sores. Choose from our Bowron medical sheepskins or exclusive North American Merino medical lambswool throws in an array of beautiful colours. 

If large or supersize sheepskins are not within your budget but you still need sheepskin pressure relief pads, we have included sheepskins for a baby in this section. These are smaller sheepskins that may well fit your purpose if you need relief on just one smaller area of pressure points. For the whole range, please browse our full collection of baby sheepskins. All of them are medical-grade sheepskins that will give instant relief to pressure areas. Many of our customers use these as medical sheepskin chair pads to help reduce sores when sitting for long periods. 

How do you wash a medical sheepskin?

If there are any minor spills or stains, we recommend spot washing your medical sheepskin with a damp cloth. Sheepskins can be carefully machine-washed if necessary on a wool setting using a wool-recommended detergent. Allow drying naturally and stretch the sheepskin back in shape while it dries. Here are full easy medical sheepskin care instructions.

The Wool Company offers a selection of top-quality medical-grade sheepskins, giving you peace of mind. Shop medical sheepskin products today!