Merino Wool Blankets

The Wool Company offers Merino wool blankets that are made from Australian Merino wool - the world’s finest and softest wool in the world...

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The Wool Company offers Merino wool blankets that are made from Australian Merino wool - the world’s finest and softest wool in the world. Our Merino blankets are perfect for all-year-round use.

Merino wool blankets are much finer and softer than standard wool and have been around since the 12th century. Pure Merino wool blankets are known to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 C° up to +35 C, therefore, these blankets surpass materials such as cotton or synthetics, providing you style, comfort, and performance.

The Wool Company offers Australian Merino wool blankets as we have found that Australian woolgrowers produce the world's best and finest wool from Merino sheep, as well as use sustainable farming practices. Moreover, as this natural fibre is grown year-round by Merino sheep, it is a completely renewable material that doesn't impact the environment in ways that other synthetic materials might.

All our pure Merino wool blankets are made from the finest fibre that naturally helps regulate body temperature, making it the perfect blanket for both summer and winter. When it is cold outside your 100% Merino wool blanket traps air in its fibres, insulating you. When it is warm outside, it will help you to keep cool and dry by transporting sweat away from the skin.

Merino blankets are unique because they absorb odour caused by bacteria and keep the smell from building up. This means that you can use your Merino wool knit blanket for longer without worrying about washing your blanket regularly. Don't worry though, The Wool Company offers washable Merino wool blankets and, although they can be put in the washing machine on a wool cycle at 30℃, it can cause your Merino blanket to shrink. So we advise you to wash your blankets by hand, using pure soap flakes or special wool detergent rather than putting it in the washing machine.

Additionally, if you have ever worried about wool being itchy, we ensure that pure Merino wool blankets won't cause these problems. A single merino wool fibre is finer than the diameter of human hair, so it isn't prickly like other wool products you have seen before.

Arguably the best Merino wool blanket property is its ability to transform and improve your sleep, always making sure that the right temperature is kept so you avoid overheating or getting too cold. In a research study from the University of Sydney, it was found that those wearing Merino sleepwear or sleeping with a Merino wool blanket fell asleep quicker than those using synthetic materials.

Our blankets are offered in a myriad of colours, textures, and sizes. Whether you are looking for a single, or super-king size Merino wool blanket - we have it all. Our luxury Merino wool blankets with satin trim are of excellent quality and will make every room cosier.