Need a good night’s sleep? Wool pillows, explained.

Need a good night’s sleep? Wool pillows, explained.

One part of our work we love the most at The Wool Company is product testing. But we had to agree to disagree when it came to pillows! Although everyone on the team loved at least one of our wool pillows, not everyone loved the same one.

We realised that it comes down in large part to personal sleeping style. But we do all agree - and experts at the University of Sydney back us up - that sleeping on wool gives you a deeper, longer sleep, than hollow fibres, feather and down pillows. In fact, 25% better sleep!

Our wool pillow guide

Wrigglers and writhers relax

You can add or take away stuffing in our 100% wool pillows to make them absolutely spot on for you, customising it to suit your needs on the day. Our wool-filled pillow You can also purchase an addition 200gms of small wool balls to pump up your pillow from a low to a medium fill. If that’s not enough, you can even buy another bag of wool. Plump to perfection!

Bookish types

If you enjoy settling down with a good book at night, you’ll love the firm wool pillow. It is supportive and firm. Just don’t blame us if you fall asleep before you finish the chapter!

Side sleepers

For those that sleep on their sides, the low fill alpaca pillow and low fill wool pillows are perfect, giving you just the right angle on the neck.

Face planters

If you’re a face planter or tummy sleeper, you should also opt for the lowest fill alpaca. It’s silkier than wool and hypoallergenic because it doesn’t contain lanolin.

Toy soldiers

People who sleep straight up and down on their backs should opt for the medium fill, unless you prefer something a little softer; in which case go for the alpaca.

Snufflers breathe easy

If you suffer with allergies, you’re going to love all our wool pillows. Asthma and allergy sufferers tell us they wake with clear eyes, nose and head after a night on the fluffy stuff. Because wool fibre is so dry, dust mites and house mites can’t survive in it, so you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Wool pillows made in England

Our wool pillows are made here in England by a small manufacturer who met our picky environmental and quality demands. The wool is doubly scoured for cleanliness, then carded in very fine layers to give excellent support. Carding is the process of turning wool into a continuous, clean web that’s just a few mm thick. It’s then cross-folded or layered up to the required thickness. A soft pillow has 20 layers, where a firm pillow will have 100-120 layers.

Clean conscience

Our wool pillows are entirely produced in house by our manufacturer - from the yarn, weaving the fine cotton casing and processing the wool to finishing the pillow. That means low carbon miles and the manufacturer has won many textile environmental awards. The wool and the cotton case are certified totally free of nasties, right up to the stringent Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. That is, higher than most feather down or even organic pillows.

Pillow protectors

We also offer washable, tumble dry-able pillow protectors for standard and nursery pillows. These all natural padded sateen covers contain pure Supa Wash wool which is quilted to provide the bounce-factor and won’t clump when washed. These can be popped over the pillow you already have a home, or one our wool pillows. Then all you need is to find the luxury pillow cases to encase these wondrous wool pillows!

If you’ve got any questions about your perfect pillow please do drop us a line!

  • Tour De Fleece
  • Knitting World Champ
  • Village Greens

Now the Tour de France is under way and it isn’t just bike wheels that are spinning. American knitter Star Athena set up The Tour de Fleece....

with the goal of spinning for 21 days in July, 14 years ago with just 16 participants and it has grown like Topsy ever since. Across the globe, more than 10,000 avid wool spinners are joining the action with their own challenges to spin-along, often with the Tour de France commentary on in the background. Now that’s wheely woolly dedication!egse GIF

And if you thought that was niche...

Moving on to Finland now, which hosted the world’s first Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship last week. You may not think that the serenity of meditative knitting would share synergy with heavy metal music but there are plenty of Finns who would disagree. Teams included 9” Needles, Bunny Bandit and Woolfumes. Knit one, Purl Jam two!

Notes from the Village

Our local farm shop, Village Greens, is a not-for-profit, run by lovely people to serve our local community on Bodmin Moor. They provide local and organic produce, fabulous cooked breakfasts and great company in our sometimes lonely bucolic idyll. We love what they do for our community, we love their gorgeous cakes and produce and want to share their weekly newsletter. In it Di provides beautiful and amusing insights into modern organic smallholding and farming life. Come and join us on Friday mornings if you can - bring a shopping bag too, but in the meantime, sit back, read on and enjoy...

Rabbit Crime Report, July 2019.

The suspect entered the garden during the hours of darkness, with the intention of destroying plants. Droppings found at the scene indicate the perpetrator was a rabbit. Once the crook had gained entry to the vegetable plot, he proceeded to indulge in what can only be described as "lettuce topiary." The full grown lettuces were reduced to columns of nibbled stems, which were of no further use to the gardener. The offender munched through a number of lettuces, some runner bean leaves, and some chilli plants. The victim of this crime was left in a distressed state, but hopeful that the rabbit was suffering the after effects of eating raw chillies. In the absence of any incriminating evidence, no further action was taken, but recommendations were made regarding increasing security to prevent further incidents.
Soooo... there will be no salad bags from us this week! However, plenty of other fruit and veggies, including courgettes, cabbages, cucumber, broad beans and doughnut peaches (still delicious.)
After last weeks soup disaster (spilled the whole pan on the car park first thing in the morning,) the soup will be transported more carefully, to ensure it's available for sale at lunchtime. it's a ratatouille style soup, with tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, red onions and mushrooms.
We welcome Rebecca back on cake stall duties for the summer season. Don't forget to save your plastic containers for our bulk laundry and washing up liquid refills. We hope to expand the range soon, maybe toilet cleaner is next.
Lynda is accepting entries for the Craft and Produce Show on 27th July. Anyone can enter, it's friendly and fun, a great chance to meet other members of the community. New trophies are being polished up ready to be awarded this year, having been kindly released by the Carnival Committee. Join in!
See you there
Village Greens
Village Greens is open on Fridays from 9am until 1pm
at Warleggan Jubilee Hall, Mount, near Bodmin PL30 4HB

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