Silk & Cashmere Pashminas

Silk-blend scarves have a wonderful blend of two noble fibres, silk and cashmere, combining the softness with colour vibrancy in each sil...

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Silk-blend scarves have a wonderful blend of two noble fibres, silk and cashmere, combining the softness with colour vibrancy in each silk scarf.

Enjoy the wonderful and popular silk/pashmina blend, accessorising your outfits with the natural silk pashminas by The Wool Company. Our silk and cashmere scarves take the best of both fibres; the fine cashmere gives softness, warmth, and lightness, whereas the qualities of the silk have a wonderful drape and accentuate the vibrancy in the colour.

The silk pashmina shawl is very durable, however, due to the ultrafine weave in every silk pashmina we recommend dry cleaning or very gentle hand washing. Submerge your silk and cashmere pashmina in warm water and do not rub the fabric. After careful washing, do not wring the water out of the fabric or tumble dry as it may cause damage, leave the scarf to air dry instead. To be completely safe, we advise getting your silk scarf professionally cleaned.

Silk is extremely hard-wearing and one of nature's strongest natural fibres. Blended with the very fine, soft cashmere which comes from the chest and underbelly of the Capra-Hircus goat, it makes our silk scarves incredibly soft and durable. Browse our collection of silk scarves for women, made exclusively in Nepal with 50% finest cashmere and 50% pure silk. Even with the lightness and fine texture of the fibre, draping silk pashminas around your shoulders will keep you warm on colder nights.

Additionally, the structure of the silk fibre refracts light at different angles which makes the colours of these silk scarves, particularly shimmering and vibrant. Because of silk's absorbency, silk pashminas are comfortable to wear on a warm summer day, and their low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin, making cashmere and silk pashminas a great accessory during colder weather.

Wearing a silk pashmina shawl gives a touch of elegance to any occasion while remaining versatile. Each cashmere and silk pashmina has a lovely drape that can carry off a very sophisticated look while retaining a modern and relaxed feel. Take your silk pashmina wrap on the road or a plane ride, or wear it as an accessory for your outfit at dinner. Silk pashminas can even become the finishing touch for wedding attire.

If you are looking for a classic and simple yet luxurious silk scarf, made from the finest materials, browse the wide range of silk scarves here. Hand spun and handwoven by skilled craftsmen, a silk pashmina wrap from The Wool Company will be a stunning and practical addition to any wardrobe.

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