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Harry the Bee on the Chimney

One of Eileen's memorable moments

Eileen has been with us for nearly 9 years now, and in all these years,  she has never appeared to be down, despondent or unhappy. Despite all challenges thrown at her, Eileen is consistently, ruthlessly positive and cheerful. Her "can do" attitude shocks all comers and is quite remarkable. Putting up with Sarah's and my constant eccentric foibles and distractions, Eileen just keeps on going!

Eileen, Head of Getting Stuff Done

Eileen, Head of the Getting Stuff Done Dept

As well as keeping us on the straight and narrow and battling to keep Sarah and me focused on what really matters, Eileen runs our Customer Service Dept.

Our Feefo reviews feedback is a testament as to how brilliant she is at this.

4.9 stars out of 5, Feefo Independent Reviews Badge

Feefo Platinum Service Award 2022

4.9 stars out of 5 is something I really would like to boast about - on her behalf...

These are completely independently moderated reviews, over which The Wool Company has no control. 

There's little more I can add to this, other than that we are as happy as our customers!

So Eileen, tell us a little about yourself!

Where are your two favourite views or spots in Cornwall...

On the coast?

Boscastle – I love climbing up onto the rocks at the end of the beautiful pathway and sunbathing or just watching out to sea.  You can see Lundy on a good day.  When I am all chilled, a lovely walk back to the car includes a stop for a cream tea or amazing crab sandwich at the National Trust café and browse at all that glitters in the shop.


Boscastle Harbour

 Away from the crowds?

Menacuddle Well, this is my happy place to sit and enjoy nature at its very best.  The flora and fauna is captivating.  The waterfall flowing with the flowers and trees saying ‘look at me’ is enchanting.  The history is also a glance back in time.  A five minute drive and I am transported to one of my many ‘happy places’ in Cornwall.

Menacuddle Well Etching
Menacuddle Well

Menacuddle Well

What do you do and where to you go to relax?

Meet with friends and/or family, mostly in gardens but also at traditionally Cornish pubs etc.,   I love cooking for get-togethers and being with people and animals.


What do you listen to in your car?

Mainly catch up with family and friends on the phone in my car (handsfree of course!), a good use of my time.  Can't beat a little bit of Rod Stewart or maybe Robbie Williams to keep me squealing along - I think I sound like Whitney Houston (NOT!).


What’s your most memorable story about The Wool Company?

Bees, it has to be the invasion of the Bees.

It started with couple of scouter bees flying around the farmhouse next to the office.  Opening of the windows started just to let the odd one out.   Within a few hours the message went back to the swarm that new digs had been found and that preparations were in place for all of them to move in.  A shout came out from the house to ‘stay in the office, don’t open the door’.  We thought maybe Les the farm Ram or maybe a Bull from the next- door farm was on the loose and feeling sociable.   Ohhhhh no, it was the invasion of the Bees.  A long story cut short goes like this:

  • Look out the office window, exclaim OMG how many are there? Probably about 100, no 200, no 300  no … …. Run around a little bit and make plans that really would not work i.e. get the fly swat.
  • Lots of closing of windows from the house and then calls of ‘they are coming down all of the chimneys. We took photos, as you do, from inside the office and blocked the key holes etc., Harry and Sarah had a major job trying to deal with the bees in their farmhouse and decanted the children off site to sleep.  (Harry and Sarah slept with earmuffs and one eye open as the little buzzers flew around admiring their lovely new abode.
  • After some time and the final family members arriving to take possession of the property we all realised that this was a job for ‘Captain Bee’ or anyone that could help us.  Many phone calls and we had a positive response.
  • The ‘man who can’ arrived and he was in total control with his home-made bee catching kit, a bit of net around a safari hat, shorts covered by a paper suit!!, net and box. He did a bit of ‘planking’ across the chimney and was a jolly, chilled out type of guy. 
  • You will see from the photos we managed to get outside and watched in terror and in awe – look at his shoelace, he could have tripped over (never mind planking on a chimney pot!). Evie even managed to capture the Queen bee in one of the photos. The bees were safely removed and went to their new home, the reward for the ‘Captain Bee’ was a promise of honey for his breakfast at some time in the future.
  • All is well that ends well and it did keep us entertained for a little while (1.5 days). Apologies to any customers that called whilst this was going on as I may have been more of a jumping jack on the phone trying to be a swan! 
  • One of many incidents down on the Farm.



 The Queen is visible here near the top of the picture

Harry the Bee on the Chimney

Harry the Bee

If you could have anything from the Wool Company what would it be? What’s your favourite product?

It would have to be a sheepskin, not sure which one.  I cannot express how lovely the sheepskins are as they would all need different descriptions to honour their uniqueness.  It is a pleasure looking out sheepskins to fulfil orders as handling and photographing them is somehow very satisfying and takes me on a journey.  I could mention my other product favourites but I know the list would be too long.   Pashminas for every occasion, throws for every room in the house, bed blankets that have purpose and style ..  ..  Okay, enough is enough.


What are you passionate about?

People – I love people.  I love seeing and hearing about people who take time to be there for one another and understand a tiny gesture can make a huge difference in life.

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water -it will make ripples throughout the entire pond.”
– Jessy and Bryan Matteo


What in the world do you want to change most?

I want to change negativity and see people smile and be fulfilled.


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    Harry M: October 04, 2022

    Hi Brenda,
    Regarding wool care products, you’ll be pleased to know we have these here:
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    Brenda Davies: October 04, 2022

    Product for washing wool item ?

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