Moving House and Meet the Team

Moving House

A change is as good as a move… 

The Wool Company was born soon after we moved back to Cornwall after twenty years out of the County.  In the depths of a cold wet December, we bought the remains of a run-down farmhouse and a few acres of impenetrable weeds on the edge of Bodmin Moor.

It took only a winter in our freezing, draughty stone farmhouse to discover the amazing benefits of mohair on our feet. Mohair is warmer than sheep's wool and for many reasons makes the perfect yarn for seriously comfortable, warm socks. The children didn't much appreciate my reluctance to buy heating oil and became great fans of their "momos", the Kid Mohair Explorer children’s socks we designed when we started the business.

Higher Hill Farm has been our home and our inspiration since.  However, as the business has grown, our need for space meant things had become a bit cramped with new sheepskins, packing stations and customer service lines all vying for position. 

Our farm location, close to our Angora goats and our primitive Manx Loaghtan sheep, was only a 15 second commute, but lorry drivers were often intimidated by our tiny rural lanes, and satnavs would infamously maroon them, usually pointing down the wrong dead-end road, with nowhere to turn around...

Time for Change

The time had come to embrace change: so we’ve moved all of 6 miles into a shiny new warehouse and office in Callywith Gate, on the edge of Bodmin.

We're now just off the A30, so aside from space, the benefits are many:  Less delivery trucks squeezing round the lanes, light airy offices for our wonderful team instead of a converted piggery full of spiders (and worse) to operate out of, and of course much more of the world’s finest fibres from stock.  Best of all, it means we finally have space for a small retail outlet shop.

So, if you’re one of the (many) people coming to Cornwall on holiday this year, please stop off on the way to pick up a picnic rug or on the way home for a sheepskin or a pashmina to remember your holiday by. It'll last longer than beach tat!

The shop is still a work in progress (pics will follow), so if you're planning to drop in on us , please do call first on 01208 821113 so we can come to the door and welcome you properly any time on weekdays from 10am - 5pm.


Meet the Team 

As we’re talking about our new home, we thought it was high time you met the team.  So we’ll be doing an occasional series of profiles of the unique Cornish folk behind the world’s finest fibres, beginning with Evie.

Evie Manning, Warehouse Manager

Happy Comfy Evie


Where are your two favourite views or spots in Cornwall...

On the coast?

Tregirls Beach

Away from the crowds? 

Any cliff top on a clear day, but particularly Park Head to Porth Mear Valley.


What do you do and where to you go to relax?

Usually Padstow to see family or to have lunch with girl friends. Tregirls Beach to walk, swim, sunbathe.


Evie at Tregirls

above Tregirls Beach, near Padstow

What do you listen to in your car?

Morcheeba, Elbow, Nickelback, Mumford and Sons and Harry Styles.

What’s your most memorable story about The Wool Company?

Dog/house sitting at Higher Hill Farm for Twiggy and her 8 puppies, I slept in a sleeping bag on the sofa which I shared with Millie, Twiggy on the floor beside me and 8 puppies shut in their pen in the back porch - but they didn't stay in their pen!
1 am in the morning I could hear much noise coming from the back of the house, on opening the back door there was puppies everywhere, whenever I picked one up to put back in the pen at least two others would bite my toes and ankles, it was bedlam...In the end I put myself in the puppy pen as it was empty of puppies and just stood there in safety watching them. That night taught me nothing, despite the bedlam instigated by the now Bandit, I loved them so much I bought one and now have a 6.5 year old crazy black and white collie labrador cross!
Black dog

If you could have anything from the Wool Company what would it be? What’s your favourite product?

I have most of the things I love from here.  Sheepskins, definitely sheepskins, mohair socks. I have a wool pillow, I don't sleep on anything else, I have the merino mattress topper, and and a camel a wool duvet, I also have the sheep doorstop!  If I could take something else home today it would either be one of the new merino lambswool blankets or a large bean bag to snuggle in (if I can keep the dogs out of it). 

What are you passionate about?

Life generally... I love the changing colours of landscapes, I love dramatic stormy skies and the colours and light they bring.  Being happy and helping everyone around me to be happy too.

Oh and spring flowers, snow drops, bluebells, primroses, I love a woodland scene with a carpet of bluebells that is my absolute favorite sight. Standing on a cliff top looking out to sea with the wind blowing gently.

Two Dogs in the Forest


What in the world do you want to change most?

The thing I understand least...


This May has seen the strangest weather in Cornwall.  So wherever you are, stay warm.


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  • Author image
    Laurie: June 03, 2021

    Evie, was an enormous help to me when my beautiful large December order was sent as a duplicate a few months later, along with someone else’s paperwork! (and I’m sorry, I haven’t looked up the other woman’s name who helped, but most of my emails were with Evie)
    She helped bill me the few items I decided I’d like to keep, then helped figure out how to best get the order shipped back to you, since a return was trickier.
    It’s nice to see the area, and oh I envy those walks!


  • Author image
    Kirsten Brymer: June 01, 2021

    Thank you for such a lovely update
    Such wonderful news you are moving forward in business. Will be a joyful place for passers by to find all their cosy needs.
    Great profile Evie! Happy Summertime everyone.

  • Author image
    Ann: June 01, 2021

    When you go with girlfriends to Tregirls beach, are there usually between 2 and 4 of you? Lucky you living there!X

  • Author image
    Elizabeth Mitchell: June 01, 2021

    Lovely to receive this email. I came across your site, by accident, last week – and can’t wait for my Mohair Throw to arrive, on Tuesday apparently :)
    So great to be able to find a beautiful, colourful Throw – Made in The UK !!

    Many thanks for your speedy service
    Good Luck in your new home
    E x

  • Author image
    Elizabeth Mitchell: June 01, 2021

    Lovely to receive this email. I came across your site, by accident, last week – and can’t wait for my Mohair Throw to arrive, on Tuesday apparently :)
    So great to be able to find a beautiful, colourful Throw – Made in The UK !!

    Many thanks for your speedy service
    Good Luck in your new home
    E x

  • Author image
    Carol Melbourne: June 03, 2021

    How nice and interesting to read your history ,I have not been to Cornwall for years but love it nice to learn about your journey and look forward to next installment wish you well and love your products kind regards carol.

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