6 Wool Myths Debunked

6 Wool Myths Debunked

Like most people, I love myths. King Arthur; Robin Hood; the moon landings being an American conspiracy. One myth I’m not particularly fond of, however, is that wool is itchy; or that the fibre is only for winter; or worst of all – that it’s old-fashioned!

Did you know?

Did you know that wool has been used for over 10,000 years and is still one of the most versatile fibres available and is even used in space?

It’s important not to let common misconceptions pull the wool over your eyes. As a lifelong advocate of wool, I’ve taken it upon myself to collect the most common myths surrounding my favourite fibre and debunking them once and for all…

1. Wool is Itchy

Myth: Wool is scratchy and uncomfortable to wear.

Reality: The itchiness often associated with wool comes from coarser fibres of cheaper wool. At The Wool Company, the vast majority of our products are made from fancy Noble Fibres like Merino, Cashmere, and Mohair. These fibres are incredibly fine – making them extremely soft and comfortable against the skin.

Merino Baby Blanket, known for its softness and suitability for sensitive skin.

Our Merino Baby Blankets are perfect for even the softest skin.

Merino wool is the softest variant of wool, which is why is is often used for underwear as a high performance baselyer. Being a superfine fibre, new studies have shown that the softness of merino can be beneficial to the skin, acting as a natural treatment for eczema, and improving sleep quality.

2. Wool is Only for Winter

Myth: Wool is too warm for summer and only suitable for winter clothing.

Reality: Given the heat that we’ve experienced recently, you would be forgiven for avoiding thick heavy woolly jumpers. But – thanks to incredible versatility – it’s suitable for all seasons.

During the colder months, the small kinks in the fibre trap in dry air, keeping the heat close to the skin and the body warm. In the summer, the same structures create air pockets that absorb moisture and move it away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. These natural temperature-regulating properties make wool ideal for year-round use. In fact we sell more wool blankets through the summer because people sleep better under a breatheable wool blanket than they do under a sweaty duvet.

3. Wool is Hard to Care For

Myth: Wool is difficult to wash and maintain.

Reality: While wool does require specific care, it is not overly burdensome. If you look after wool and sheepskin, they will take care of you for many years of service.  

Luxury bamboo sheepskin brush, designed for maintaining and detangling sheepskin products, with a natural bamboo handle for a comfortable grip

Nothing tackles matted sheepskins quite like our exclusive Luxury Sheepskin Brush.

One of wool’s glorious benefits is its natural resistance to stains and odours – meaning far less frequent washing than other fabrics. It's naturally anti-bacterial so it rarely gets smelly. Simple steps like, airing, air-drying, brushing spot-cleaning and gentle washing can extend the life of wool products significantly. Just avoid the wrong kind of detergent, too much heat and tumble-drying. All these are eco-friendly actions too.

If you’re ever unsure about product care, always refer to The Wool Company’s dedicated product care page.  

4. Wool is Not Eco-Friendly

Myth: Wool production is harmful to the environment.

Reality: The Wool Company’s review on the Lifecycle Assessment of a woollen garment found that wool is generally more sustainable than synthetic alternatives. Along with it being a famously renewable resource that biodegrades quickly, making it kind to the planet, wool garments are worn 10-12 times more often during their lifecycle than an average piece of clothing.

Whilst there is an argument to be made over the sustainability of sheep farming, targeted sheep grazing can have a positive environmental impact. The Wool Company goes to great lengths to ensure that when sourcing our products we promote ecological, social, and economic sustainability. 

5. Wool is Heavy and Bulky

Myth: Wool garments are always thick and heavy.

Reality: Depending on the fibre, wool comes in various weights and weaves, offering everything from lightweight wool for summer shawls to heavy wool for winter jumpers.

Luxury cashmere pashmina shawl, crafted from 100% Grade A cashmere, offering lightweight warmth and elegant style.

Lightweight Luxury: There’s nothing bulky about our Pashmina Shawls (made from 100% ‘Grade A’ Cashmere).

Advances in textile manufacturing have also introduced ultra-light and fine wool fabrics suitable for a variety of uses, including activewear and lightweight layers.

6. Wool is Old Fashioned

Myth: Wool is antiquated and outdated.

Reality: Wool is far from old-fashioned; everything from our elegant shawls to our luxurious sheepskins to our designer throws have been hand-picked to a simple brief: to be timeless, tasteful, and charming.

Luxury Merino pashmina shawl, crafted from 100% Merino wool, offering soft, lightweight warmth and sophisticated elegance.

Our Merino Shawls: Timeless, tasteful, charming.

Furthermore, the fibre’s eco-friendly credentials perfectly align with modern values of sustainability and quality. Far from being old hat!


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