Shearing time has Finally come!

Shearing time has Finally come!

Sheep Shearing is performed once a year, normally in the springtime before the lambing season has begun but also can be performed in all seasons. Sheep with Long Wool Fleece, however, can be shorn up to twice a year.

At The Wool Company, the shearing of the sheep soon became a family event that the whole family enjoyed.

Sheep In Pen

Our flock are made up of Manx Loaghtan Sheep crossed with Swaledale Sheep. Manx Loaghtan Sheep is a rare breed that is native to the Isle of Man. We also have Swaledale Sheep which is a domestic breed of sheep found throughout the more mountainous areas of the UK but particularly in the Yorkshire Dales. Their name originated from the Yorkshire Valley, Swaledale.

Sheep Pre Shear

Shearing in progress

Les the Ram is a Swaledale Sheep crossed with a Blue Faced Leicester Sheep. The Blue Faced Leicester Sheep produce the UK’s finest fleeces. This makes Les’s fleece incredibly fine and soft with a beautiful crimp.

Les The Ram Being ShornMasterclass in sheep shearing


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