Fragrant Fruits Village Greens Blog 23 October 2019

Let there be no doubt. Harvesting apples is aromatherapy of the highest order.
This year is a bumper crop, and every fragrant fruit so far has passed through my hands. They've been collected into boxes, loaded into a trailer and driven back to the yard. They've been washed, checked for bruises and chopped into rough chunks. They've been munched into small pieces and loaded into the press. Then we slowly turn the handle on the cross beam press  bringing down the pressure plate, and juice flows through the gully into a container.
It's mesmerising, and all they while, from orchard to bottle, we work surrounded by the most delightful fresh scent of apples. Just breathing it in feels healthy, and makes a welcome change from the more pungent tasks we undertake.
The fruits of this labour will be at Village Greens on Friday, for £3.00 per bottle, with 50p refund for returned bottles. It's selling well, no wonder.
Other offerings include cabbage, calabrese, leeks, cauliflower and spinach. There will be local apples and tomatoes, plus lots more.
We have lots of local meat (beef, chicken, lamb and pork) plus groceries and an ever expanding range of refills for laundry, shower and cleaning.
Save yourself the time and fuel of travelling further afield for shopping and come to us instead, supporting local producers at the same time.

See you there
Village Greens

The Wool Company supports Village Greens which is a Community Interest Company that supports, cherishes and helps cater for our small rural community. Over the past ten years Village Greens has become an increasingly important resource to many of our neighbours and it deserves your support. 
Come buy! Come buy! You will love the apple juice and the banter!

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