Luxury Merino and Silk Shawls for Weddings: Style Your Sustainability

Luxury Merino and Silk Shawls for Weddings: Style Your Sustainability

Blooming gardens, long days, glorious weather – it’s Wedding Season!

Amidst the glamour and age-old festivity, finding accessories that balance aesthetics with functionality can be a daunting task. Remember – photos of the big day will be sitting on the mantel piece for the next thirty years. 

Choosing the perfect accessory for weddings is a balancing act. Attendees often seek items that stand out yet remain practical for fluctuating day-to-night temperatures and settings that vary from indoor elegance to outdoor charm. The challenge lies in finding pieces that are both beautiful and versatile. Who knows if it will rain or shine – it is British summertime after all…

Perfect Blend of Stylishness and Versatility

The Wool Company has the answer: Luxury Merino and Silk Shawls. These pieces are woven from a blend of fine, low-micron pure merino wool and silk and will elevate your style with effortless elegance.

Generous enough to wear as a shawl, yet delicate enough to style as a scarf, its versatility makes it ideal for the varied demands of wedding season. Whether complementing an evening or wedding dress or paired with smart-casual day wear, the shawl transitions seamlessly across different wedding events — from windswept beach ceremonies to sophisticated receptions. 

Sustainable Elegance at Weddings

Sustainability is no longer a trend; it’s essential we make the move toward mindful consumption. Sustainable Merino is renewable and naturally biodegradable - representing the shift away from the toxic fast fashion industry, towards durable, timeless pieces. Merino offers the best of both: a soft, luxurious feel but also versatility and durability that will last many years beyond the big day be it for the bride, her mother or her maids.

Fine as they are, merino silk blend shawls are woven to stand the test of time. By choosing the Luxe Merino Silk Shawl, wedding guests make a statement of conscious elegance that enhances their wardrobe long after the wedding day.

The Age-Old Question: To Drape or Not To Drape

Thanks to a shawl’s unrivalled versatility, it can be worn in a multitude of classic and innovative ways and effortlessly styled for the formal ceremony and less formal reception alike: -

  • Scarf Style: Fold it lengthwise and wrap it around your neck like a scarf. You can let the ends hang long in the front or loop it around for a snugger fit. This style is perfect for adding a layer of warmth and texture to an outfit.

Luxe Merino Silk Blend Shawls

  • Wrap Around: Wrap the shawl around your shoulders and toss one end over the opposite shoulder or bring it around your neck. This style provides extra warmth and is ideal for chiller evenings.
  • Belted Shawl: Drape over your shoulders and secure it at the waist with a belt, accentuating the waistline and transforming the shawl into a chic poncho-like garment that pairs well with both casual jeans and formal dresses.
  • Classic Drape: Simply drape the shawl over your shoulders and let it hang loosely in the front. This style is effortless and elegant, perfect for any occasion. It offers warmth while still showing off the outfit underneath.



  • Shawl with a Twist: Drape it over your shoulders, take the ends, twist them once or twice, and drape them back over your shoulders. This keeps it secure and adds an interesting detail to the back.
  • One Shoulder Shawl: Drape it over one shoulder and let it cover your arm while the other side hangs down. Secure it under the opposite arm or with a brooch for a dramatic, elegant look that’s perfect for formal occasions.

  • Full Wrap: Fully wrap it around your body, crossing over in the front and tying or tucking the ends at the back. This method is excellent for chilly evenings and adds a dramatic flair to any attire.

A Staple for Wedding Season and Beyond

As Wedding Season approaches, our shawls are the quintessential accessory for anyone looking to infuse sustainability, comfort, and style into their celebration attire. It exemplifies how traditional elegance can meet modern environmental consciousness, providing a chic solution for the eco-savvy guest.

Our products and mantra reflect what a good wedding is all about: longevity, value for money, and cherishing the meaningful moments of life - sustainable realtionships built to last. Just remember, not to choose white!



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