A really good night’s sleep can make all the difference

A really good night’s sleep can make all the difference

Sleep... We all need it...

But what about a good night’s sleep? It’s surprising how elusive a really decent, deep night’s sleep is to so many people.

Fitful sleep

We recently took a call from a lady who suffers from fibromyalgia and she explained how important a good night’s sleep is to her whole wellbeing. Both she and her diabetic husband suffer from fluctuations in temperature and fitful sleep patterns. Over the years, she has researched into all sorts of solutions, whittling away at a long list of things to trial and introduce into their daily lives; each one with bite-size results, helping her ‘manage’ rather than ‘cure’ her health.


She had read an article about the benefits of wool duvets but was sceptical, given the differing needs and aspirations of both her and her husband. As someone who researches these things thoroughly, she contacted us for reassurance in the hope that it wouldn’t be just another gamble on yet another solution. We reassured her that we have all experienced the benefits of switching to wool bedding ourselves. Without going overboard, we could all vouch for the difference it has made to our lives; especially if you are a poor sleeper, have difficulties regulating your temperature or suffer from allergies.

Taking the plunge

The order was duly placed, the All Seasons Combination Wool Duvet unpacked and aired in readiness for this latest trial. What we then learnt when she called us back the next day, reinforced everything we’ve ever known and believed about the power of wool and we felt it needed to be shared to anyone else in the same situation.

The miraculous power of wool

Not only had they both slept well, she emotionally informed us, but they had also both slept through the night waking only just before the alarm went off - for the first time in their 40 year marriage. The results were immediate and already, by all accounts, life-changing. Even the way the duvet had wrapped around and enveloped them was conducive to added creature comfort and slumber value.

It really matters!

For someone who is very discerning when it comes to taking time to review products, she told us she only writes reviews when she is really impressed and it really matters to her. A good night’s sleep obviously matters a lot in this case!

“My husband and I slept under it for the first time last night and it was amazing. We used the autumn weight one on its own and it was so warm and cosy without being stifling like synthetic duvets. We slept better and my husband only woke up once which is great as he’s a fitful sleeper. We were nervous about trying wool duvets as they are a considered purchase, but we are delighted.” Feefo review.

We are always delighted when we hear back from customers who freshly discover the benefits of wool as one of the world’s finest natural fibres around. We rejoice with them, as fellow wool ambassadors, in their new-found well-being after a good night’s sleep!

Camel Duvet

Stop counting sheep; sleep in wool! 

You can find out more about wool and the Science of Sleep on our website.

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