Treat Your Feet To A New Sheepskin Rug

Treat Your Feet To A New Sheepskin Rug

Natural White Sheepskin And Luxury pashmina With the prospect of long, dark cold nights ahead, now is a perfect time to introduce a luxury sheepskin rug into your home.
Stay warm and cosy this winter season, starting the dark morning struggle with a reassuring treat for your feet straight onto a new sheepskin rug.

Exclusive sheepskin pet bed
Comfy bed comfy cat

At The Wool Company we make bespoke rugs of sizes from one skin up to 99 sheepskins huge... If you are looking for a small sheepskin rug or an extra large sheepskin rug we have plenty to choose from. Our British sheepskins are environmentally friendly, helping to keep our land green and pleasant, and most importantly, are from a sustainable resource. Our luxury wool is also sustainable as it is shorn from sheep every summer, just when they want a haircut, This is low intensity natural farming, a method that has be carried on by farmers for a thousand years. All sheep, are of course, free range.

Introducing a new Sheepskin Rug?

blankets blankets everywhereThe Office

If you work from home and have your very own office set-up, why not ensure a calm and creative atmosphere by adding a real sheepskin rug under the desk. Not only will it make your office look great (an occasional shake or brushing with one of our sheepskin brushes is all a sheepskin needs to keep it spick and span), but it might also help you to relax at work. Kick off your shoes and wiggle your toes through the deep pile, share it with the office pooch or puss and chuck out the stress balls.

All of us at The Wool Company enjoy our own sheepskin rugs on our chairs. Some have chosen the medical sheepskins as they are so huge, cover the seat and the entire back and are highly supportive, others have gone for the shaggy Austin Powers look and chosen one of our longwool sheepskins. All provide instant calm and comfort and keep us all warm in the winter and keep us as cool as cucumbers through the summer.

loch sheepskin
cotton blanket


Most people tend to struggle out of bed each morning, so why not introduce a real sheepskin rug either at the side or at the foot of your bed. Landing your feet on your sheepskin will certainly encourage them out of bed on those colder mornings and might even put a spring in your step for the rest of the day. Lay a rug under your dressing table or in front of a contemporary bedroom armchair. Additionally, using a medical sheepskin rug, you can simply place one at the foot of your bed.  They are ideal to bury your toes in and great for all kinds of floor exercises.

Our medical grade sheepskin rugs are extremely soft but provide extra firm support for those who need to alleviate pressure sores and tension points - in bed or on any chair. They are also machine washable. 

Sheepskin Rug - Otter 

Living Room

Whether your living-room floor or hall is, stone, wood, carpet or even bare earth, a sheepskin rug will dress it, offer a cosy accent and give it a lift.  Not only will it treat your feet and provide a luxurious feeling but, will also look fantastic.  A great spot for a sheepskin throw is draped over the top of your favourite pouffe, footstool or thrown over the back of a chair.

baby emily on her extra large sheepskin
throws and sheepskins make for the perfect home

Baby's Bedroom

 Baby sheepskins can be used from birth for babies who sleep on their back, in the Moses basket and later in the cot. They are as safe as, if not safer than all other bedding for back-sleepers, and are well known to help baby to get sleep more swiftly, more soundly and for longer periods. Yes, really! They are also eminently portable and can be used as a great wriggle mat at home or when travelling.

Baby’s bedroom should be a place of calm and comfort and, between the occasional ear-splitting moments of mild panic, perhaps even tranquil luxury. So, what better than adding a couple of new sheepskin rugs, one in baby’s cot - if they are a back sleeper - and another on the floor for some soft play romping time.  A well rested baby makes for a happy family!  Sheepskin rugs make a perfect baby shower gift; luxurious, yet practical, cuddly and usable, long-lasting and sustainable. What's not to love?

Now you've looked at ways of treating your feet with a new sheepskin rug, why not consider adding a matching sheepskin throw and treat your precious pet to a sheepskin pet bed.


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