Spring On The Moor? Storm Clouds to Sunshine

Spring Showers Over Cardinham Cornwall

Finally March is here - and with it, we hope, the sprightly arrival of Spring. Some may associate the season arriving with the Spring Equinox later in the month, but I'm going by the meteorological calendar - this year for me, springtime couldn't arrive quicker. Whilst we always welcome Spring on Bodmin Moor, this winter of seemingly constant downpours has made us happier than ever to see the turn of the season. 

In fact, warm as it was, this February has been maybe the darkest and certainly the wettest February since before the Industrial Revolution kicked off with coal - twice as much rain as recent averages. No wonder we've spent the month dodging downpours between office and warehouse. 

Given the dismal weather, it was a strange surprise when I opened my curtains earlier this week to see a mysterious, bright yellow orb creeping over the horizon. I'm not sure if it's just desperation for some sunshine and Vitamin D, but although we are still completely waterlogged up on the moor, it feels like Spring may be springing, if not quite sprung. 

Bluebell sweepstake

From the window, we've seen a bit of brightness bursting through the brown around us. Amongst the snowdrops, the daffodils (well, we are in Cornwall) and primroses are beginning to brighten the banks.

In our woods on the farm, bluebells begin to break ground, if not yet bud. Sweepstake for the date of the first blooming bluebell anyone? With this warm weather, my guess is 29th March, Good Friday. Good for some.  Either way, it's a good excuse to get out and check anyway.

The colours on the Moor

Out on Bodmin Moor, the colours of early spring take on subtler and more modest hues (read: 'brown' & 'grey'). 'Punctuated by the bright yellow of gorse in bloom, heather carpets the moorland in shades of lavenders and mauves'. Well in my mind it does. The reality is that most of the moor is a series of green and golden grassy and peaty pools that connect unexpected new streams and brooks. 

One of our bigger puddles on Bodmin MoorOne of the larger puddles on Bodmin Moor

"Ponies graze peacefully amidst the ancient stone circles spread across the moor. One of the best-known circles, The Hurlers, dates back to c. 1500 BCE and is evidence that the Moors were once a bustling hub of Bronze Age civilisation." No NIMBYs, BANANAs or (more justifiably) hated holiday homes then. Sheep had by then already been farmed on these hills for thousands of years, but CO₂ and methane were still unknown.

Despite the promise of warmer weather which the onset of Spring brings, there is often a sting in the tail of this new season. Late frosts can still catch keen gardeners like Sarah napping, and despite the warm and watery sunshine, wonderful in the daytime, there are still (hopefully!) cold mornings and evenings to embrace...

Often a Cosy Mohair Scarf and Warm Wool Sweater become our favourite companions in the early days of Spring. 

Liso Mohair Scarf Sienna

 Luxurious Mohair Scarf: Perfect for the chilly Spring mornings.

Hope Springs Eternal

Hopefully seeking the first signs of spring on the moor, it's difficult not to get excited about the prospect of brighter, drier days ahead and Nature waking from her somewhat soggy slumber.  Fingers and webbed toes crossed…



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