Mother's Day: What's the Perfect Gift?

Mother's Day: What's the Perfect Gift?

Many years ago as a bright-eyed child one Mother’s Day, after a morning of gift-giving and hugs, I asked my parents when Children's Day was. Without missing a beat my father replied: “Every day.” I was left dumbfounded.

Fast forward to 2024: Today I am marginally wiser (and greyer), and now appreciate both my father’s words and the significance of Mother’s Day. After years of cooking hot meals, planning birthday parties, providing emotional support, and running countless errands, to say nothing of the 9 months endurance athlete feat of pregnancy, and running businesses too, the least we can do is mark a day to acknowledge the efforts and the role of mothers in our society. A single day almost seems too meagre – we should probably devote a month!

It's the 10th March (This Year)

It’s always difficult to plan Mother’s Day. Yes, I’m a hopeless gift-giver (more on that later), but unlike Valentines Day or Christmas, the date for celebrating our beloved mothers changes every year.


It’s a complicated story involving, that moveable feast, Easter, Lent, and of course the moon. Mother’s Day occurs on the fourth Sunday in Lent, exactly three weeks before Easter.

Easter is observed on the Sunday following the first full Moon that occurs on or after the Spring Equinox. Looking at the phases of the moon and comparing them to the calendar, Easter will always fall somewhere between late-March and late-April.

Easter Sunday is on 31st March this year, hence we have an unusually early Mother’s Day on 10th March – the earliest in 8 years for the nerds amongst us.

Why So Complicated?

The connection between Mothering Sunday and Easter is thanks to historical ties to the Church. Mother’s Day has its roots in Christian tradition and originally served as a day to honour the Virgin Mary and all mothers, whilst offering a break from the rigors of Lenten fasting.

The Blessed Mother Whom Mothering Sunday Was Initially to Celebrate
Photo © St Marks Church, Bedford


Mothering Sunday eventually evolved into the more secular holiday we know today. Today, Mother's Day has become a time-honoured tradition that celebrates the love, sacrifice, and influence of mothers in our lives. 

How Best To Celebrate

Of course, there's a very easy way to thank our lovely mums for devoting so much time and energy to us: bestowing thoughtful gifts. Whenever I ask friends and family for inspiration, often somebody suggests gifting an 'experience' - like a spa day or weekend getaway.  Often, that somebody is one of my daughters, who knows that she'll be obliged to accompany my mother on the luxury getaway. Tough gig.

For me, terrible as I am at the forward planning, I've often found (heard) that giving something resonant of Spring (reflecting new hope and life), or a long-lasting material gift, (reflecting the commitment in the long term relationship), far more fulfilling. Often the recipients' immediate response is a laugh, or an 'aww', or - if the gift is unusually successful - a tear. It's those reactions that tell - they know they are appreciated. What more could you want? 

Let Them Know They're Appreciated

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to express love, gratitude, and admiration - but exactly what gift could encapsulate all of that? The Wool Company, of course, has compiled a small selection of thoughtful inspiration.  

Genuine 100% cashmere pashmina in pale lilac colour with a tasselled fringe edge super-soft lightweight & warm finest-quality

Our Luxury Pashmina Shawls are beautifully elegant -  whether draped gracefully over shoulders for a formal affair, wrapped warmly around the neck, or snuggled under for cosy evenings, it's a versatile and sumptuous accessory. Crafted from the finest cashmere from high-altitude goats in Nepal and Mongolia, it gets softer with time. What a treat!

Carmen Mohair Blanket Moonlight

Our Mohair Blankets are the ultimate gift of comfort and luxury. Crafted for softness, warmth, and durability, these throws are perfect for snug nights on the sofa or adding a touch of elegance to your bed. Versatile and stylish, these blankets make the perfect addition to any home.

Classic grey check picnic rug black waterproof backing 100% lambswool made in Scotland top-quality supplied with cotton bag

As Spring draws ever closer (please!), our Lambswool Picnic Blankets are perfect for enjoying the park, beach, or garden. Made bespoke for The Wool Company, they're stylish, durable, and generously sized - perfect for tea parties for two (plus the picnic basket). Complete with long-handled leather straps and a cotton drawstring bag, it's the ultimate in both elegance and practicality.

Cashmere cable knit bed socks super-soft powder pink colour in size 4 - 7 made in Scotland finest-quality By The Wool Company

Gift supreme comfort with these powder pink cashmere bed socks, featuring a classic cable knit design. They're ideal for combating poor circulation or chilly nights, offering warmth without constriction. Crafted in Scotland, these finest-quality socks make a perfect luxury gift.
The Best Gift

Despite all the woolly presents any mother would adore, there's no substitute for spending time together (although a pashmina will surely come close!). Appreciation and acknowledgement of their hard work is the greatest gift of all.


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