Clean Beach Week

Clean Beach Week

Use the code below and we will pay to clean the beach!

The first week of July is Clean Beach Week, something we are keen to promote.

As we're all aware, marine-borne plastics have become a big global problem and one we're particularly aware of here in Cornwall with our near 300 miles of coastline.

Use the Code CLEANBEACH5 and we will give 5% of your order value to clean the beaches. Details below...

Our regular readers may remember that in previous years The Wool Company team has been out to Watergate bay to collect and remove marine rubbish and plastics from the beach.

Unfortunately perhaps 40% of plastic pollution of the seas comes from synthetic clothing and bedding. This can be collected by neither man nor machine. Using a Cora Ball in our washing machines can help catch around 31% of fibres but the best way to massively reduce our microfibre pollution is by us all using natural fibres textiles instead of manmade ones.

That said there is plenty of plastic pollution that we can collect and if we can't actually do it ourselves we can support others to do it for us.

So this year we’ve decided (as well as doing our own #minibeachcleans when we go to the beach) to go one better.

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Clean Ocean Sailing (COS) - a Cornish organisation based aboard the 1908 Danish trawler you see below, Annette. Clean Ocean Sailing is committed to cleaning up and recycling rubbish found on some of south Cornwall’s most beautiful rivers The Helford, The river Fal as well as local beaches, including The Scilly Isles. Clean Ocean Sailing has appeared on a number of TV shows and recently received a Points of Light  award from Boris Johnson as part of his G7 visit to Cornwall.



Clean Ocean Sailing's Annette

Since December 2017 COS have removed 35,328 individual pieces of rubbish from our waters and the coastline and they have recently passed 50 tons of collected rubbish and plastic removed.

Their aim is to use sail, rowing and paddling to remove rubbish from inaccessible parts of the waterline. And they co-ordinate this activity with researchers and other activists to help drive change in our impact on nature.

BBC News: Annette's crew recycle the plastic to build kayaks

So we’d like to encourage all our friends (especially those who live near the sea) to get out and pick up and recycle any plastic they find at their nearest beach this weekend – do it with friends and make a day of it! For those who can’t or don’t live near the sea, use the code below and The Wool Company will contribute 5% (before VAT) bought during the week to COS to help fund their beach cleaning efforts and their volunteers. 

Annette at sea
Annette at sea
Use the Code CLEANBEACH5 on any  non-discounted item at the checkout if you would like us to contribute 5% of your purchase to Clean Ocean Sailing. 

The code will not discount your order but will tell us to donate 5% of the value to COS.
Offer is valid until Saturday 10th July.
Clean Beach Week is an international effort, more active in the USA than the UK. In the UK we also have The Great British Beach Clean, run by the Marine Conservation Society and look forward to joining the UK beach clean in September this year..


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    My Phone, Sheila Middleton: November 26, 2021

    It’s great to see people collecting the rubbish plastic and getting it recycled into useful products.
    Thank you to you all for doing this work to help clean up our beaches and waters to help save the animals of the waters.

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