Please Help Us Improve

Please Help Us Improve
Please can you help us improve our website?

We need your help to improve our website: we'll make it worth your while.

Our website isn't good enough...
We already know our website is far from perfect but we'd like to learn from you, our valued customer exactly where it most needs improvement.

Who is this for?
If you are unfamiliar with our website, i.e. you don't use it very frequently we would be keen to hear from you. But we are equally keen to receive any suggestions and ideas for improvement from our regular users.

What will you do?
You will participate in a test, which will be approx. 15-25 minute-long Zoom session where you will be asked to perform several short tasks while sharing your screen. By taking part in the test, you agree that the session will be recorded and with our Privacy Policy. Don't worry, the recordings will only be shared with our team members.

When will we do it?
If you are interested and would like to participate in the test, please CONTACT US and let us know when you are available between September 6th and 10th, 2021.

What are we offering?
We're offering a choice of discount codes to use (or share if you prefer). They are more generous that our usual offers:
  • 17% off all non-discounted products
  • 13% off all products including sale items already reduced
  • £10 off all orders over £10
We are offering a choice of discounts because we have a wide variety of products that range in price from around £10 to over £3,000. We hope these alternatives will be attractive across all price ranges.

The discount codes will be forwarded after completion of the session. Each code can be used once per user and one code can be used in each order, but you are welcome to use each of the three codes in separate orders. The codes will be valid until November 30, 2021.
Lifebelt image credit: Alan O'Rourke used with thanks, under creative commons licence

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  • Author image
    Suzanne Jefferies: March 11, 2022

    The product arrived very quickly and I was kept informed of the progress all the way through, from purchase to delivery. It arrived well packaged and looks to be of very good quality.

  • Author image
    Melinda Pickworth: March 11, 2022

    I actually don’t think your website is bad. What I do think is that you have some very beautiful and high quality products that don’t show them off to their best.
    I bought your wool wash and I absolutely love it. It cleans well and the smell is not obnoxious like some other wool laundry products. The wool feels lovely after using it. I had a problem in that when it arrived it had leaked. The person who dealt with my complaint could not have been nicer and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I love good customer service. You are a small company and I did feel that your company cared that I was happy about the product and delivery.

  • Author image
    Nicole panter: March 11, 2022

    The website is easy to use. Everything is quick to find and the company are fast and reliable to answer your questions. Great quality of products.

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