Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

The Dad dilemma. Whether it’s his birthday or Father’s Day is looming, it’s the age old question - what do you buy for the man who has everything? Dads are notoriously tricky giftees. At The Wool Company, we don’t like to assume that all fathers are into beer, golf or gardening. And, keen to take the pain out of buying gifts for Dad, we can safely say that you can rarely go wrong with a (really) good pair of socks.

Bear with us...

Yes, socks

We’ll bet you have a favourite pair of socks in your drawer (or on your feet right now). Everyone has that perfect pair, soft to touch, enveloping your feet in a cocoon of comfort that simply sets the day up for success. When you pull them on, you might even let out an audible sigh. Are we right?

Wearing high quality socks is a habit that’s impossible to break. You just need someone to start it for you! So giving the Dad in your life - whether he’s your own father, your father-in-law, or the father to your children (or children to be) a little dose of daily luxury will always be a winning present.

Our story began with a pair of socks

Cotswold Mohair Trekking Sock available in a range of colours

We started our business at the kitchen table in our draughty, rundown, heating-free farmhouse. Icy cold slate floors and little children’s feet do not make happy companions. So we knitted our first pairs of cosy kid mohair socks from the first shearing of our soft Angora goats, and the business grew from there.

Cotswold Mohair Trekking Socks

These mohair socks are the beauties that launched our business all those years ago. Really good socks are:

  1. extremely rare, and…
  2. enormously underrated - possibly because of 1  

Mohair is the very best fibre for making socks

Yes, better even than merino and far better than all those man-made fibres. It is Mother Nature’s technical masterpiece; it is cooling when you’re too hot and wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry, yet it’s warm and insulating when your feet are cold.

Mohair is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour because it is a smooth fibre so you won’t get blisters even at the end of a gruelling 24-hour Three Peak Challenge.  

We knit our mohair socks in England too. They’re made on ancient machines that require an old Yorkshire man to constantly tend and cherish them. Modern knitting machines don’t like mohair yarn because it’s too slippery for them.

Real socks for real men!

mohair sports socks are real socks for real men!

These days our men’s luxury socks are made from your choice of nature’s finest materials - cashmere, mohair, alpaca, silk and merino wool. We use high-quality traditional methods to create soft, long-lasting socks from finest tailored silk and lightweight merino socks to fluffy alpaca everyday socks and high performance mohair trekking socks.

These miraculous wools are nature’s technical performance fibre. They stay warm when wet  yet are cool in the heat. They wick away moisture and even help prevent blisters and repel odours. So, astonishingly, don’t need daily washing. Really!

And if chilly feet creeping over to your side of the bed is an issue in your house, a pair of mens thermal bed socks might just be the best present you ever buy.

Beyond socks - more wool gifts for Dad

If wearable gifts for Dad are off the list, let us take off piste with wool and expand your thinking a little…

Picnic rugs

tweed picnic rug is one of our gifts for Dad recommendations

Say no to soggy bottoms with our luxury wool picnic rugs if you’re looking for more practical gifts for Dad. Living in Cornwall, we’re used to the occasional damp picnic at the beach or clifftop, so we designed tartan and tweed nylon backed pure woollen rugs to extend playtime.

Perfect for shaking out and settling on to at festivals, camp outs and impromptu picnics, choose one of four sizes from a small pack-a-rug that weighs just 400g up to a large 1kg blanket with carrying handles. And for that practical minded Dad, one for the back of the car would be a thoughtful choice.


Natural sheepskin footstool

Alpha males might not publically appreciate soft furnishings, but at home who could resist a sheepskin footstool? If you’re buying gifts for Dad on behalf of your little ones, this one will keep everyone happy. You see it leads a dual life: a gorgeous child’s seat during the day and a cosy footstool for Dad by night.

Created from un-dyed sheepskins, tanned in the South West, with five colours to fit your decor - Frothy Coffee, Silver and Brown, Natural Chocolate, Natural White and Jacobs.


Hareen sheepskin beanbag

One of the finest moments in a parent’s day is putting the children to bed. Storytime with freshly washed children in matching pyjamas is a memory to treasure, if not always frequently occurring! We like to snuggle up on our vast Hareem sheepskin beanbag for stories by the fire before bed.

Made from unusual shorn down dyed British sheepskins, the multi-tonal colours shimmer across the surface you move around it. A gift for Dad that lasts a lifetime.

See?  Buying gifts for Dad can be fun for all!


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