Baby gifts befitting any newborn

Baby gifts befitting any newborn

Behold the birth of Baby Sussex! As the world welcomes Master Archie, families across the globe are celebrating the arrival of their long awaited newborn bundle. The birth of a new baby into any family is cause for celebration and a flurry of baby gifts.

As the queue of eager visitors builds, or if you’re planning on joining one of those queues, let’s take a look at wool inspired baby gifts. From the traditional baby shawl to the forever toy or super soft pram blanket, baby gifts made from natural materials are increasingly front of mind for the health and well being of baby and planet.

5 baby gifts perfect for newborns

Baby shawl

Baby shawl covering a baby

The baby shawl is said to be making a comeback thanks in part to the flurry of royal babies born in recent years and their presentation to the world wrapped in a classic baby shawl.

Wrapping up your most precious cargo in a traditional lambswool or supremely soft cashmere baby shawl is an exquisite way for them to be welcomed into the world. Our range of baby shawls in neutral colours are light enough for summer babies or a perfectly snug layer for winter babies. Just one of the many benefits of wool is its suitability for all weathers.

Baby shawls can also be used for swaddling babies for comfort as well as in their cots or prams.


Baby sheepskin

sheepskin pram liner - one of our popular baby gifts

Oh we do love the feel of sheepskin - the very sight of one spurs an urge, in us at least, to reach out and stroke one! But comfort aside, one of the major benefits of baby sheepskin is in the temperature regulating properties of wool. Baby sheepskins are one of our most popular baby gifts for helping newborns because they help them regulate their body temperature before they know how to.

Whether you use your baby sheepskin as a comforter, car seat or pram liner, or as an alternative to a play mat, using a 100% natural product against baby’s skin brings peace of mind too


Baby blanket

baby’s feet poking through a blue print wool blanket

All of us here have a memory or two about baby blankets. Either those we’ve held on to and passed on to our children. Or a baby blanket that was once ours and then handed down to our dolls. And interestingly our memories all differ in terms of the type of baby blanket we had. Traditional knitted baby blankets, those with a satin trim and the soft check baby blankets all feature.

While baby blankets have moved with the times, tradition has held strong too. All of the blankets we remember are still made, are still popular and we are proud to stock. Baby blanket innovations have appeared largely in the introduction of patterns beyond traditional check, textures like lambswool waffle and cotton fleece, and cellular wool.

While the traditional knitted blanket has holes in it due to the knitting pattern, a cellular wool blanket is manufactured with thousands of almost invisible holes in it. The intent is the same - airflow and breathability - ensuring the safety of wool blankets for babies.

Few of us recall the luxury of a cashmere baby blanket, yet we all rather like the idea of nestling a baby to sleep in such sumptuous comfort!

Whichever baby blanket you prefer for your baby or grandchild, ours are all 100% natural.


Christening shawl

 sleeping baby beneath a christening shawl

In case you don’t have a family christening outfit waiting in the loft, a classic christening shawl will more than elegantly suit the occasion.

The traditional lace design of a christening shawl is delicate and intricate inferring a great deal of time and expense spent on celebrating such an event. Today this is reflected in how many cashmere shawls for babies follow the lace-like design.

We’re proud to say that all our christening shawls are made in the UK from British wool to vintage and lace patterns


Baby beanbag

baby nestled in our oyster baby beanbag

Quite the contemporary baby accessory, the baby beanbag or baby pouffe won’t look out of place in the living room either. Perfect for laying baby down to rest in when you’ve finally rocked them to sleep. Ideal as an upright alternative to a baby rocker or if you have a baby with reflux who you daren’t lie flat for a while after feeding.

Aesthetically pleasing, customers tell us these sheepskin beanbags go on to be loved by children of all ages. Another fabulous sheepskin baby product, our baby beanbags come in three shades: oyster, pink and duck egg.


Our favourite baby gifts

baby sat on our extra large natural baby sheepskin

Our ‘go to’ gift for newborns has become this Extra Large Natural Baby Sheepskin

simply because anything that helps get baby to sleep better and longer is great for everyone in the family.

We used to use these for all the babies and toddlers in a children’s day nursery, for the kids' afternoon naps. We had the nursery when our children were little and the staff at the nursery swore by them as, eventually, did many of the parents!

Brimful with ideas for baby gifts we may have left you spoilt for choice! Not only do we know our product range inside out, we have first hand experience of many of our wool baby gifts.

Any questions, do drop us a line.


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