Treat your best friend to the ultimate in creature comforts

Treat your best friend to the ultimate in creature comforts

As many of you pet owners will know, our beloved animal friends can bring equal measures of pleasure and love into our lives, as well as being a time-consuming and welcoming distraction!

They become, on occasions, the best form of therapy. Both owner and pet get to benefit from a healthy lifestyle as we religiously walk them morning and evening, out in the fresh air. Their behaviours intrigue, entertain and mesmerise us. We gain an immense sense of wellbeing and happiness from having them in our lives. Their unquestioning loyalty and eagerness to please makes us feel special. It’s no wonder we get drawn into watching cute cat, puppy and pony videos on social media!

Monty in the meadow

Best Friends

They are our best friends and they deserve our gratitude and a little something to spoil them from time to time.

So, why not reward them and treat your little furry friend this Easter to the ultimate creature comfort? Indulge them with a Sheepskin Pet Bed - especially as it is National Pet Month.

Genuine sheepskin pet beds

Over the years, we have provided grateful pet owners with genuine sheepskin pet beds. We’ve received wonderful feedback on how quickly their pets have adopted their new bed and how much of a difference it has made to their lives.

Customers tell us there are many reasons why they have chosen Real Sheepskin Pet Beds:

  • Comfort & Warmth

  • There is an innate built-in homing device in every pet to seek out the softest, warmest, most snuggly place to sleep (usually your bed, given half a chance or if you have an agile cat, the airing cupboard!) Our two dogs for instance, have their sheepskins in the office and more in the house. They are positioned where we want them to sleep, keeping them from being a trip hazard!


    Sheepskin pet beds not only look inviting and gorgeous, they will save your sofa, bed or even your own favourite sheepskin rug from future pet invasion or devastation.

    Odour control

    Genuine sheepskin is very different from a synthetic pet bed, which seems to constantly smell of your pet’s worst qualities. With sheepskin, the natural wool soaks up moisture then naturally dries out, limiting smells, just like your favourite wool jumper.


    Being naturally comfortable, soothing and supportive, sheepskins can help ease weary joints and limbs - for humans and animals alike. A lot of the time, we have conversations with pet owners about soothing and comforting their elderly pets, however, recently, we chatted at length with a pet owner who actually had a fairly young dog who had been operated on three times by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick. She was so delighted to have found the perfect sheepskin rug to ease the recovery process.
  • The Wool Company Sheepskin Pet Bed Collection

    Best Seller - Economy Pet Sheepskin Rugs

    Here at The Wool Company, we have the classic undyed natural white and chocolate brown economy pet sheepskin rugs, which come in two sizes. They will not be a perfect skin, and there will more than likely be small bare patches (although we have instructed that these should not be in the middle of the skin when they are hand-selected at the tannery).

    Our undyed sheepskins dimensions: No two Economy Pet Rugs will be the same size or shape; they may vary between 60 - 75 cm wide, and 70 - 100 cm long.

    Economy Pet Sheepskin Rugs


    Economy Pet Sheepskin Rugs




    Natural Chocolate Economy Sheepskin Rugs

    Natural Chocolate Economy Sheepskin Rugs

    From £35.00 - £40.00


    Large Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed

    Our exclusive range of ultra high-quality skins are shorn down to 25 mm. These are whole pieces in an oval shape and also a larger, two pieces sewn together, complete with a boho shaggy edge. They are made from simply the best quality sheepskins available anywhere in the world. They are a very dense and have an extremely soft fleece that you won't be able to stop stroking! Both these styles come in a great selection of seven gorgeous colours.

    Large Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed

     Large luxury sheepskin pet-bed otter

    Large Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed



    Sheepskin snuggle pet rug

    Our really soft, natural Sheepskin Pet Rug is finished with a padded backing - and it's machine-washable. These sheepskins come from Australia and New Zealand and are finished in China. The well-padded backing adds extra comfort and the sheepskin is attractively tip dyed a rich caramel colour. A real treat for your cat or small pooch.

    Sheepskin snuggle pet rug

    Sheepskin Snuggle Pet Rug


    Sheepskin snuggle pet rug

    Sheepskin snuggle pet rug padding

     Shop our full Sheepskins Pet Bed Collection.

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