Earth Hour will you be turning off for a brighter world?

Earth Hour will you be turning off for a brighter world?

This Saturday at 8.30pm local time, the world over, people will be switching off their lights in support of Earth Hour. We will. Will you?

The Earth Hour message is clear – we’re speaking up for nature. Climate Change is very real. If we stand united in our choices, together we can set the planet on a path to recovery - we can safeguard and restore nature. So by joining in the millions around the world for one hour, we will make a huge statement that will bring climate change to the forefront.

A large contributor to the conversation around Earth Hour is an organisation called ‘Voice for the Planet’. It was launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2019, by the Global Shapers. Their aim is to showcase the growing movement of people around the world calling for a new deal for nature and people: a platform to enable us to add our voice to call for urgent global action to address the current crisis in nature.

But what can I actually do to make a difference?

Conversations around Climate Change are not just about rising temperatures, extreme weather, loss of wildlife species and habitats and rising seas. They’re also about our habits, our mindset and our actions on a local and global level. As individuals, communities, businesses, politicians and world leaders, we can take action.

The idea is that if we all make small changes in the way we live and behave, as well as putting pressure on our governments and business leaders to make changes, together we can make a big difference – like a butterfly effect.

Voice for the Planet

Take a look at the ‘Voice for the Planet’ website and click on ‘Add your voice’ to see a list of suggested pledges that you can do. Pledge to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE as a habit, but also encourage others to do the same by sharing your voice on social media.




Sustainable Habits

Here at The Wool Company, we are already living very much in the thick of nature, surrounded by the beautiful Cornish countryside. We are so much more aware of the changes in nature all around us.

Working with nature and making every effort to live sustainable lives is embedded in our way of life and behaviour.

  • We source products from the UK whenever possible.

  • Both our warehouse and home are powered by solar panels.
  • We have switched to an energy provider that sources 90% of its supply from renewable energy.
  • We use Ecover to reduce the chemical effluence into the water courses and line dry our washing.
  • We car share or walk into work and buy local produce.
  • We've seeded our own flower meadow, we grow our own herbs and salads, and compost waste vegetation.
  • We already use recycled plastic and cardboard whenever possible but are in the process of replacing as much of our plastic packaging as we feasibly can.
The Wool Company Flower Meadow
The Wool Company Rocket Salad
The Wool Company Blossom
The Wool Company Solar Panels 2

In Wool we trust

All of these are not difficult habits to adopt. They are what we believe in. But the one thing we believe and trust in with all our hearts, is the wonderful sustainability of wool and natural fibres.

Why use Wool?

With the news of microfibres and microplastic seeping into our water systems from washing machines and the production process, and mountains of plastic based man-made fibres sitting in landfill, we fear for what future generations are going to face to resolve this scourge. This is why we choose wool for a brighter future.

The Wool Company tent picnic

Wool is better for the environment because it is:

  • natural
  • biodegradable
  • recyclable
  • sustainable
  • durable (won’t need replacing in a hurry!)

This Earth Hour, join the movement – turn off for a brighter future - change your habits and place your trust in wool.

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