Gifting mother 'Mmmm' moments

Gifting mother 'Mmmm' moments

Treating my mum to a really spoiling day off on Mother’s Day can sometimes prove tricky for me - when I’m in Cornwall and she’s in London. It’s a bit of a long way …and some years, I actually do make it and lavish her with love, treats and subservience! More and more often, though, I succumb to treating her remotely – to an experience or a lovingly selected belonging that will make her feel all warm inside, at least for one moment. It’s become about sending her my warmth of presence and demonstrating my gratitude even when I can’t be there in person.

Mothering Sunday

If we are to go back in time, Mothering Sunday actually originated from Christianity, when you were given the day off to return home to your ‘mother church’ (rather than to your birth mother), which was your local parish church or one where you were baptised. It would be to attend the Laetare Sunday;[2] service - 21 days before Easter. By returning to your mother church, helpfully, it usually meant that you would also get a rare opportunity to go back to be with your mother and other family members. This tradition fizzled out by the early 1900s with only a small resurgence before fading completely into history. It seems quite a lovely idea back then, but for us now, Easter has superseded this tradition, as the time to reunite as a family.

Mother’s Day

Nowadays, in the UK we have adopted a similar approach to the American style ‘Mother’s Day’, which happens in May. Our Mothering Sunday has morphed into ‘Mother’s Day’ over here too, dedicating one day a year to our beloved mums. For just one precious day, we are given a nudge in the right direction and reminded to make an effort, so that Mums can take the day off, feel loved, appreciated and super-special. After all, they are the ones who work tirelessly (yet seemingly effortlessly) to make us feel loved, appreciated and super-special all year round!

Campania Aran Style Knit Throw Natural Ivory

Help Mum relax

This begs the question - what can we do to help Mum feel relaxed, carefree and glowing from the inside out? Spa days, pampering weekends away without having to lift a finger, fine wining and dining… in fact, anything that removes her from daily reality is the kind of things that slip quite easily into mind (not making any hints whatsoever, kids, honest!). And another thing, it also raises the question, why is it only one measly day in the year that Mums get recognition and appreciation?!

Making 'Ooooh' moments

But seriously, if we were to take a look at this wishlist, it actually boils down to treats, experiences and moments – making treasured memories. Here at The Wool Company, we are all about making moments. We make a concerted effort to treat ourselves to mini-moments of feeling good – such as the ‘ooooh’ feeling of stepping out of bed every morning onto a super fluffy warm sheepskin rug.

The Wool Company Otter Brown Sheepskin

Or the instant ‘aaaahh’ feeling the moment we pull on our ultra warm wool socks from our luxury socks range. Then there's the ‘mmmm’ moment when we first lift a Lussuoso Cashmere Double Sided Blanket Sand and Cream to our cheeks. 

Lussuoso Cashmere Double Sided Blanket Sand and Cream

But for Mum to feel really special on Mother’s Day, why not treat her to not only a ‘wooow’ moment when she opens her gift box to see the exquisite luxury before her. Swiftly followed by a ‘yeeesss’ moment when she sees the carefully selected colour and makes the connection to her favourite party dress. Next comes an ‘ooooh’ moment when she touches the incredible sensation of fine cashmere and finally an ‘mmmmm’ moment when she wraps the soft warm and luxuriant quality of her Cashmere Pashmina around her in a warm embrace. And just think, she will re-experience that sequence of special treaty moments every time she goes to wear it again and again. So guess what, it really can be Mother’s Day on more than just one day a year! She'll think of you each time she reaches for it from the cupboard. 

Gifting 'Mmmm' Moments

It's not just our pashminas that have this effect - the same sequence of ‘Ooooh’ ‘Aaaah’ ‘Woooow’ ‘Yeessss’ or ‘Mmmm’ moments can be achieved with any of our gorgeous wool products that enhance your home and your lifestyle. We’ve made sure of that by testing every product ourselves.

Quality is key to us and we know when we’ve found a product that delivers any of the above moments of delight! What's more, we can speak from experience about still enjoying these mini-moments on a long term basis, especially as wool stays special for so much longer than anything else, and would highly recommend treating your mum this Mother's Day!

Take a look at our Gifts for Her section for ideas or browse around our website for specific items. 


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