Six ways to wear a cashmere pashmina to your summer social events

Six ways to wear a cashmere pashmina to your summer social events

Six ways to wear a cashmere pashmina to your summer social events

The ‘Season’ is upon us! The swirl of summer events, where it is as important to be seen as it is to see, est arrivé! For our international customers, here’s a run down. The British season encompasses all that is jolly and all that is chic about life on our small island.

Where to wear your cashmere pashmina

A series of sporting and social events - let’s be honest, they are mainly about the social element - kicks off in spring with Cheltenham Festival, and takes in the Grand National, The Boat Race, Badminton Horse Trials, Chelsea Flower Show, Epsom Derby, Beaufort’s Festival of Polo, Royal Ascot, and Glastonbury Festival by the end of June. July begins with Henley Royal Regatta, Test matches at Lord’s, Wimbledon, Edinburgh Festival and wraps up with Goodwood Revival. Phew!

Talking of wrapping up, the faithful friend that will take you elegantly through all these events, in all weathers, is your trusty cashmere pashmina. With a hundred different ways to wear a cashmere pashmina, this stunningly soft and versatile wrap is an absolute godsend.

Here are six ways how to wear your cashmere pashmina, which we have named after our favourite summer events.

Pashminas: How to wear a pashmina?

The Royal Ascot

You won’t want to distract from the hat here, but it might turn chilly if the wind picks up over the course. You’ll need an elegant brooch that matches the rest of your outfit.

Diagonally drape your cashmere pashmina over one shoulder and pin the long ends together on one hip.


The Glasto

For this casual look, take the top corner of your scarf, fold to the middle and tie with a knot to create an arm hole. Now take the bottom corner and repeat the process. Slide your arms in through the holes. The pashmina will drape over your back like a fine, tasseled cloak. Laid back elegance made easy. Perfectly paired with wellies (Hunters, naturally), ripped denim shorts and layer upon layer of necklaces.

The Henley Royal Regatta

Protect delicate shoulders from the sun, while showing off your stunning dress with this easy tie. Simply throw the pashmina over your shoulders and use a fine band, preferably a clear hair band to tie the long ends together behind. The band will be hidden by the pashmina.

The Lords

Wrap the pashmina around your neck one time, letting both ends fall down in front. Take one corner of the left side handing end and pull this up to the right side of your neck. Tuck it in behind your neck and let the beautiful fabric drape, showing off all its glory.

The Wimbledon

For this international event, why not make a European knot? That is, gather the scarf in your hand at its middle with your right hand, pass this folded edge around the back of your neck, push your right hand through the loop, take the loose ends and pull them through. Neaten the top by pulling out the edges.

The Edinburgh

This knot looks elegant over evening wear. Fold your pashmina in half to create a near square, then fold again diagonally. Lay the pashmina just off your shoulders and tie in a neat knot to the side.


If you’ve got any questions about which cashmere pashmina to buy, please do drop us a line!


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