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20th November 2019
I find the smell of some perfumes, cleaning products, deodorant, air freshener and soap overpowering, even unpleasant. Air freshener??? Surely air is fresh by it's very existence! Conversely, I don't have much of a problem with the aroma of animals, particularly sheep and cows, and can be fully submerged in their "bouquet" without realising that I've crossed the boundary into "pungent". I've been known to literally follow my nose to seek out the stench of something dead up on the moor (it was a highland cow) and bury my nose in woollen garments to enjoy the faint waft of the original wearer. If this confirms my status as a feral peasant, I'm ok with that. Everything in nature has its own smell. No piece of plastic ever smelled of anything. Embrace the odour, it's very informative, and an often neglected sensory experience.
If you'd prefer coffee and freshly baked bread as your aromatherapy, come along to Village Greens and breath deeply, we've got all manner of delicious smells throughout the day. We are moving into winter vegetables, with parsnips back on the veg stall for the first time this Autumn. We also have calabrese, leeks, fennel, red cabbage and swede. We're taking orders for Christmas, and the deadline for wholesale Suma orders is tomorrow (Thurs 21 Nov).  Our wholesale ordering service is open to anyone, we charge a 5% fee on any whole cases bought from our catalogue, which has thousands of products. Lots of us use it as a really convenient way of getting groceries delivered to the village, that can be collected during Village Greens opening hours. There will be one more Suma order before we close for Christmas, so if this is of interest, come and have a chat, and a browse through the catalogue.
See you there
Village Greens

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