But what will Santa bring Grandma?

But what will Santa bring Grandma?

Grandma, Granny, Grandmother, Grandmama, Nana, The Old Goat - whatever the family call her, there is always a special place in your heart for the eldest member of your family. But when it comes to gifts for Grandma we can often feel stumped.

What to buy for the woman who’s seen it all? 

You know that Grandma deserves an extra specially thoughtful present this Christmas. So we’ve asked our elves to trawl through our sledge of goodies that is just brimming with woolly wonders.

9 of the best woollen gifts for Grandma

  1. Cashmere bed socks are just the ticket for chilly feet at night. The cable knit gives these soft but substantial socks their extra cosy feel - a true treat for the feet. Shown here in blue, but also available in pink and cream.Cashmere Bed Socks
  2. This Swedish curly sheepskin hot water bottle has been crafted out of whole pieces of sheepskin, in England, using traditional methods that have been used for generations. Cleverly designed with no zips, buttons or velcro. Plus, the hot water bottle can be filled using hot water from the tap (not boiling water) without removing it completely from the cover.

  3. Never lose keys again with this magnificently over the top keyring, which will be easily found amongst the detritus of the average handbag! This beautifully fluffy, silky, oh-so-strokable keyring comes in stunning jet black.

  4. Our striking mohair knee rug in the gorgeous blue and red Galway colourway is truly a design statement. Ideal for people who feel the cold, this is one of the most stylish gifts for Grandma and she’ll appreciate being cosy in the evenings in front of Strictly, Suits or Fleabag. (Whatever floats her boat.) 

    But it’s so much more than that too. Light-as-a-feather mohair generates warmth as soon as it’s gently draped over your knees, a perfect present for people who feel the cold. The design magic of this mohair fibre is that it doesn’t suck in the colours when dyed. Because the fibres are hollow, it allows the vibrant colours to radiate out.

    Also available in lavender, Guava (blues, reds, purples and yellows), and Blackwatch tartan.Mohair Knee Rug - Galway

  5. How’s this for a gift for Grandma? We suspect she will delight in the luxurious finish of this stunning, enormous, silky beige sheepskin to drape over her sofa or favourite armchair.

    We realised we needed a huge sheepskin to add to our collection so we found a merino crossbreed from North America - a huge sheep. These generous sheepskins are an impressive 1.25 metres long by 70cm wide. The skins are highly polished (ironed) to create the most beautifully soft, silky finish, and trimmed to a precise 25mm so they are easy to care for.

    We’ve had one of these enormous, silky soft sheepskins on our sofa for the past 18 months. Whoever gets to it first claims it immediately! It never needs washing, because a good shake, an airing and a brush will keep it fresh and clean. That said, if you’re desperate to clean it (or there’s been a sherry spillage) it can be popped in the machine on a gentle wash.

  6. Your Grandma might not need such encouragement to be bold with her colour choices, stand out and be proud, but they say that to make grey hair pop with life, pair it with strong colours - think royal blue, scarlet, deep purple, orange.

    As such cashmere pashminas or silk cashmere pashminas make great presents for Grandma. There’s no such thing as having too many, and they can be worn every day of the week. Dress it up, or dress it down - a cashmere scarf is a touch of luxury that will always make Grandma feel special.

  7. Make a hospital stay more comfortable with an extra special gift for Gran. When someone is undergoing medical intervention, the trauma is often compounded by everything feeling so darn clinical. That’s where our medical grade sheepskins come in, to soften the edges and offer some natural comfort.

    If Grandma is bed-bound, make her time more comfortable by suggesting she lies on one of these. Soft, dense and supportive, they can be used in hospital or at home to alleviate pressure points and also combat moisture levels to reduce bedsores. Because they are so dense, a cushion of air remains between the patient and the bed. She’ll feel warm in winter and stay cool in the summer. Inject a little humanity into difficult days in bed.

  8. Perhaps it’s time for Grandma to put her feet up? And we’re betting she will adore this rare breed Jacob sheepskin footstool. Not only is it lighthearted, it’s also really useful and a gorgeous addition to any sitting room. Her grandchildren can use it as a stool when they visit too. Made from pieces of sheepskin rugs to create a firm structure. If you think the brown and white pattern is too much for Grandma’s sitting room, it also comes in Natural White, Frothy Coffee, and Natural Chocolate.

  9. Grandma’s gift for people who can’t decide… Here’s a gift that really can’t go wrong! Our gift card can be given at values from £10-£100. It comes with easy instructions on how to redeem it and there are no hidden processing fees. Easy peasy.

Toscana Keyring in Jet Black

To quiz us about what we’ll be buying Grandma this year, please drop us a line!


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