The Very Best Black Friday Deals Ever! Really?!

The Very Best Black Friday Deals Ever! Really?!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us again, together with their fantastic promotions offering "discounts" of 50% and even 75% "off". 

Roll up, roll up! Best Black Friday Deals Ever!

Not here at The Wool Company. For years we have tried to avoid being sucked into the various promotions of BFCM weekend. Why?

Well… there are many reasons (although one is enough).

Because that type of discounting is not really discounting at all.

Because if it is, it's an unsustainable race to the bottom.

Because our prices have always been too keen for much in the way of discounting.

Because for a small business, it would be too labour-intensive to manage a pricing policy sophisticated (read: tricky) enough to convince a few customers that they got a far better deal than all our other customers.

Because it goes against our policy of loving all our customers - and being loved by them in return.

Because we strongly believe that real quality has always been worth paying for.

Our watchword is quality and it’s this that we’ve built our reputation on since we started The Wool Company in 2006.

Although a few competitors purport to sell similar products to us, most our products are unique. Where they are not, our low overheads have usually given us a competitive advantage over other "brands" and certainly over the High Street. (This is why we also carry more choice than the High Street)

Whilst products may look outwardly similar, the difference, unseen in the online images, is in the quality: -

The length of fibres in the yarn, which determines yarn strength - and longevity.

The processes and time undertaken in the tanning of a sheepskin, which determines how long it remains supple and if it will shed.

The consistency of weave in a shawl or throw, which determines the drape.

The microns diameter of the fibre used, which defines the softness.

These and many other details are what determine the longevity and lifetime quality.

This is what determines the value - and in part the sustainability - of our products.

So perhaps we are offering superb BFCM deals after all. It’s just that we are offering them all year long.

Buy well, buy once.

But don't listen to me. Take it from the experts...

Which? The Consumer's Champion


We started our business in 2006 because we saw a paucity of choice of good quality wool, cashmere, alpaca  and mohair blankets, throws, shawls and socks. In our view that is as true today as it was back then. Although there are now a few online traders who purport to sell similar quality, the reality is vanishingly rare.

Many online traders' and even high street shops' claims of their products being made in the UK are perhaps legally accurate. Cutting the end off a bolt of blanket material woven in China, ironing and labelling it in Wales or England now counts as "made in the UK". But is it really? Or is it actually made in China?


China! For obvious ethical reasons we do avoid buying from China. But we do buy a few lines from the ironically named People’s Republic.

Try as we have over the last sixteen years, we have never been able to get a Merino Wool Mattress Topper made in the UK, or Europe, or Australia, or anywhere, that comes even vaguely close to the quality of our own mattress toppers that are… Made In China.

Sad! So sad! But true. And have we tried? We tried. So hard.

We designed a superb bamboo sheepskin brush. It’s made in China. It’s the best. Nobody else would make it for us.

We buy our Pure Silk Socks from China. Hardly original, but they are the best.
If (when) China decides to invade Taiwan, one very insignificant consequence will be fewer quality mattress toppers, sheepskin brushes and silk socks in Europe. But should we continue to buy them from China in the meantime? Or buy lower quality, at a higher price, from closer to home? I’d love to hear your views.

New website

We have always like to do things a little differently at The Wool Company and this weekend is no different. We are sticking to our pricing policy and have also, rather recklessly, decided to launch our new website - just before the supposed busiest weekend of the year. It doens;tlook much differen but we hope it works better and we hope you like it. Please do tell us where it is not up to scratch.

Happy BFCM!

Thanks for Which? for the images and we acknowledge their copyright. Which? is a brilliant consumer champion and for many of us an annual subscription will pay for itself many times over



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  • Author image
    Chris Strike : December 01, 2022

    Is the lace baby shawl (Cashmere) part of the buy two get one free deal
    We are looking cover the boom in babies on the way and love all the stuff we have bought from you
    Love the bears and rabbit too


  • Author image
    Christine Cheshire: November 30, 2022

    I really appreciate the thoughtful and considered emails I get from The Wool Company. I was interested (and disgusted) to learn that minimal endpoint processing allows products to be labelled made in Britain. A change in consumer law is needed I think.

  • Author image
    Hannah Howard: November 30, 2022

    My husband has a saying “buy cheap buy twice” and it is so true.
    I love to buy from your company beacause you are competetivly priced but more importantly the quality is outstanding and all your lines are beautifully made, you can tell you have pored a lot of hard work and love into your company.
    I also love you are a British company that proudly has a made in England on your lables, which is unfortunaly and sadly becoming rarer. I acknowledge and understand that certain items you have to buy from China however when they do invade Taiwan (inevitable i’m afraid) I would hope that you would discontinue these lines, having the moral fibre to stand up to what you believe is more important than some silk socks.
    Keep up the fantastic work, excellent job.

  • Author image
    Pamela Casagrande : November 29, 2022

    Well said and we’ll done. I’m an Aussie, and I love buying from you for my UK family and for myself. I am sorry that you can’t find an Australian made wool mattress topper. Keep trying to find a manufacturer here, as a lot of people are now starting to make things in Australia. There has been a big resurgence here, and a back lash against Chinese goods.

  • Author image
    Jim Matheson : November 29, 2022

    I really enjoy buying products from your company, because of the quality.

    I find your post on China really annoying because you just increase the intensity of the propaganda.

    China has never said it will invade Taiwan. In fact, it has been American foreign policy since the Nixon presidency to promote a One China policy, part of which is recognising Taiwan as historically belonging to China. It’s only recently that a Chinese boogeyman has appeared as Nancy Pelosi and Biden try to deflect from a poor economy and potential Republican gains in the Congress. A similar situation occurred with Hong Kong which historically belonged to China, but an imperial Great Britain maintained control through an imposed 100 year treaty.

    So please, keep selling the great products but leave out your foreign policy interpretations.

  • Author image
    Pat Gill: November 29, 2022

    Well said! I heartily agree with you.

  • Author image
    Dawn McGowan: November 29, 2022

    Totally agree with all you have said, as you say some things have to come from China, I bought silk socks recently and they are without doubt the best socks I have ever worn, I will be buying more at some point. Best wishes for Christmas and 2023

  • Author image
    Roger Monnery: November 28, 2022

    Just read your article on Black Friday ‘discounts’. Couldn’t agree more with your stance on this – don’t weaken. Similarly with your comments on China.

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