Sheepskin and Sausages: BBQ Season Begins

Sheepskin and Sausages: BBQ Season Begins

Dig out your long tongs; blow the cobwebs off the grill; it’s barbeque season! It’s been a long wait this (exceptionally wet) year for the barbi to roll out of the shed, but the “sunny and moderate breeze” the Met Office has predicted for Cornwall is excuse enough to subject the family to overcooked meat in the garden - although there are great alternatives to that. 

Of course, as we enter summertime barbeques and garden parties will ramp up in both size and frequency. Any seasoned host knows that planning a garden gathering involves more than just marinating meat and chilling drinks. Keeping guests relaxed and comfortable, whilst navigating the unpredictable British weather, requires some serious event planning.

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At The Wool Company, we are poorly trained in the dark arts of BBQ cuisine, (or playlists) but we know a thing or two about delivering comfort, luxury, and style for summer get-togethers (or just about any other event).  

Seating in Style

Garden parties aren’t known for comfortable seating. Pimp up your outdoor seating avoiding cold backs and numb bums with some sheepskin.

Sheepskin rugs elevate your outdoor seating

 Sheepskin Seat Pads have almost magical properties for giving comfort instantly; by cushioning, warming, soothing, and offering instant comfort.

Made in England with premium sheepskin: Perfect for outside and inside use.

For our garden parties, I make sure that part of the patio is reserved for some Sheepskin Bean Bags for guests wanting a quiet drink and chinwag around the firepit. These beanbags are a haven of cosy comfort; perfect for extended mingling and relaxation. Their ability to retain heat makes them great for the cooler evenings, keeping the chill at bay. You might have a fight on your hands though, as everyone will want a go!

A Touch of Elegance

There’s always that moment during a garden party in late-afternoon when the sun drops behind the trees, followed by a quick trip to the wardrobe for some additional warmth. For Sarah, the go-to is a Cashmere Pashmina. A noble fibre, cashmere offers excellent insulation whilst remaining remarkably lightweight; ideal for the summer evenings.

Understated elegance: Teal coloured sublimely soft cashmere pashmina with a beautiful lacey ripple effect texture in the weave.

The timelessness, elegance, and quality (made from the finest cashmere yarn available) of our Pashminas never fail to be a talking piece at any occasion.  Available in a range of colours that are sure to bring vibrance to the party.

And for Four-Legged Guests

As I man the grill, I can be sure our ever-faithful hound, Monty, is by my side, as he waits in hope of a dropped sausage. Spolit as he is, I like to make sure he’s comfortable with his Sheepskin Pet Bed.

It has been claimed (perhaps rightly) these are far too good for a pet, but we pet lovers know that not much is too good for our furry friends - they're part of the family.

A dog’s life: Our pet beds naturally, shirk dirt and have a generous soft filling, resulting in a super snuggly sleep. Great for arthritic joints.

When attention is needed elsewhere – whether it be flipping the burgers or entertaining - these pet beds can be placed in a quiet corner or a shaded spot, and you can be safe in the knowledge that your furry friends are cool and relaxed. These beds keep pets cool and comfortable, thanks to wool’s moisture-wicking properties that help regulate temperature and reduce overheating.

Get the party started

The versatility of wool never ceases to amaze me. We rely on the fibre for its warmth during the winter months, yet its breathability, softness, and desorption qualities make it the perfect choice for both apparel and outdoor furnishings for the summer months. From stylish, adaptable attire to innovative seating and comfort for humans and pets alike, sheepskin and wool can transform your garden parties from standard to spectacular.


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