Hiking to Heights With Fearless Fathers

Hiking to Heights With Fearless Fathers

Father’s Day brings back cherished memories of adventures with my father, reminding me how history often repeats itself. When I was a kid, there were only three TV channels and Airfix model kits were more the order of the day for wet weather hobbies than gaming or social media.

Wet weather never much bothered my old man. Memories of huddling around an evening camp fire with him, in howling summer gales during walking trips on Bodmin Moor or the Cornish Coast Path are vivid, if chilly.

We always seemed to pick a wet weekend and would struggle to get the kettle to boil after a long day’s walking. Dad blamed wet firewood, but I discovered years later on a ten tors trek there we two tiny holes in the bottom of his ancient kettle.

Uncomfortable nights of camping they may have been, but the hikes I shared with my old man have now become some of my fondest memories and I have in turn  followed in his footsteps, regularly coercing my family into afternoon treks across Bodmin Moor or along the cliffs.  

My obsession with quality walking boots and caring for feet started back then, emulating the old man’s former elite infantry foot care routine, as if we we setting of on a 40 day forced march.

I suppose my love of walking does make sense; Generation X (those of us born 1965-1980) are twice as likely to hike regularly than Millennials (1981 - 96) and Gen Z (1997 - 2012). It’s more than simple nostalgia. Hiking offers the chance for great exercise whilst soaking in the beauty of nature, learning life skills and creating lasting memories, but importantly also offers the perfect environment for sharing stories, putting the world to rights and renewing bonds with those closest to us.

Physical and Mental Reset

During a recent trip to the Brecon Beacons, climbing Pen y Fan, beloved of the SAS. It struck me again how physically demanding certain treks can be…  it had been many years since I introduced some friends to mohair socks on the three peaks challenge. Walking of course has great long-term benefits, training the most important muscle in our body the heart. When we get our bodies moving up trail, the old ticker starts pumping, improving cardiovascular health, building muscle strength, boosting overall fitness as well as the immune system, metabolic health, improving and blood pressure.

I recall playing games with my father on our hikes, racing each other to the top of hills. In my desperation to win, I would often come back with horrible blisters caused by my nylon games socks – I could have done with a pair of blister-free Mohair Trekking Socks.

Calf length mohair trekking socks hardwearing & soft 8 vibrant colours 3 sizes made in England top-quality & amazing comfort

Mohair is known for its amazing durability and resilience – perfect for a long hike.

Back to my recent trip, I’m reminded that spending time in nature improves overall mood, reducing stress and anxiety. Hiking provides a mental health boost for both father, son and daughter, helping to improve overall well-being. It’s so effective, some GPs in Scotland write prescriptions for outdoor hikes to lower blood pressure and improve overall health.

Navigating the Nature

It was on these early hikes with my father where I first appreciated the beauty of nature, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the natural world. As we walked, he would teach me about different trees, plants, and animal tracks encountered along the way.

Many years later, as I reached Pen y Fan – 886 feet above sea level – I’m greeted with familiar sheepish faces. They look at me if they know me me, perhaps they recognised my Wool Aran Sweater.

What are ewe doing here? Our friends seemingly making it to the peak without breaking a sweat.

An aspect of hiking that I love is that there’s rarely phone signal in the isolated moors and hills. Reading maps and navigating trails – all without the help of Google Maps - really does take me back to my childhood (although the OS Maps app is a winner). The sense of accomplishment of completing a four-hour hike and then finding my way back to the car is not easily replicated. These skills - planning, preparation, and perseverance – were all ingrained in me from an early age thanks to those early father-son hikes.

Memorable Experiences

Hiking creates lasting memories through shared adventures and achievements. These experiences often become cherished stories and traditions that can be passed down through generations. Whether it’s reaching the summit of a challenging trail or simply laying down a Picnic Blanket by a beauty spot, these moments are treasured.

Hiking offers an unparalleled opportunity for fathers and children to spend quality time together. Whether it’s discussing life lessons or simply enjoying each other’s company, hiking fosters a deeper connection. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack water, snacks and anoraks, and hit the trails with your loved ones this Father’s Day. 

This Father’s Day, you can honour your father’s adventurous spirit with our premium wool products, exploring our collection of luxurious socks and outdoor gear designed to make every hike memorable. But better still, lend him your time and take a hike together!


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