Sheepskins to make babies coo.

Sheepskins to make babies coo.

We’ve been raising our children here on the farm since they were tots. In fact, we moved back to Cornwall when we realised we were to be blessed with a third. Chilly winters in our draughty stone farmhouse soon led us to truly understand the phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. We knitted the beautiful mohair wool from our small flock of goats into snuggly Kid Mohair Explorer socks for our children… and the rest is history.

We’ve always used sheepskin liners in our children’s prams and cots and some time later with the birth of our business, we were able to commission the perfect baby sheepskin! A sheepskin - known as a Lambie by many of our customers’ children (and even their teens, secretly reluctant to part ways with their snuggly) - is almost magical. Here’s why...


Sheepskin for prams keep baby warm in the cold, cool in the heat

It won’t be long until all baby products are data-led, technologically minded - much like the Pampers ‘intelligent’ nappies that will soon be tracking every moment of babies’ waking and sleeping lives and hoovering up more precious data for Google.  Not being fans of disposable nappies, we’re not sure how we feel about this. We do however know that that going back to basics works pretty well as too. 


You can trust naturally ventilated, frankly pretty incredible, sheepskin to keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Wonderful wool, with its thermostatic properties, is also water-resistant, pulls moisture away from the skin (locking it in its core until it can breathe it out later), and is entirely natural. When you’re trying to get baby to love their pram, at least you know they are comfortable and can nod off peacefully. Funny that an age old product, in the form of sheepskin for prams, is revolutionising some modern parenting techniques. What more could you want?


From moses basket to big bed

Moses baskets need a little safe cosying up and a Lambie is perfect for the job. Simply line the basket from the first days with your sheepskin and baby will rest comfortably and safely on top. When it’s time to move on to a cot, the sheepskin, with all its familiar smells and textures comes too, making that transition easy as 1-2-3. And again, when the big bed arrives. And again, when off to boarding school or university they go (but they may not admit this to their friends). A sheepskin is so light and portable that if you’re going on holiday, you can take its comforting sense of home along too.

Made with love for baby

All our sheepskin pram liners and rugs are as soft as kittens! We ensure all our baby sheepskin rugs either grow naturally or are shorn to between 25mm-30mm to create an even, dense, soft and supportive pile. They won’t become matted and are easy to spot clean. Perfect for prams!


Yes, they’re washable

Our baby sheepskin for prams are… drumroll please… machine washable! Not only can you pop them in the machine using Woolskin Premium Woolwash, but also tumble-dry on a cool setting.


Our sheepskin for prams range includes something for every nursery:

  • The classic honey coloured soft sheepskin, with its naturally short fleece, just perfect for babies. We also offer a luxurious ivory version.
  • A stunning honey toned, unshorn sheepskin. This fleece grows naturally shorter than in other breeds, and it’s beautifully silky to touch. 
  • The most popular oaten colour, shorn baby lambskin comforter from Australia and New Zealand.


Cut to size

We’ve designed this large sheepskin pram liner with seven pre-cut holes for the harness. Or you can easily cut your baby sheepskin rug down to fit the cot, pram, car seat or crib you have at home. Just remember - measure twice, cut once! 


Go large

We're particularly proud of this one because it is exclusive to us. The enormous, thick, supportive and comforting sheepskin can be used in the cot or on the floor. We ensure that it is shorn to 30mm for optimum support allowing air movement under baby. And when needs arise, it can be used as a medical sheepskin too. These beauties are made from one piece and tanned in Europe using an eco-friendly process that uses 67% fewer chemicals and 30% less water.  

Shaggy carpet

If you prefer a looser style, choose an Extra Large Merino Throw in either a stunning taupe, all natural white, slate grey or silver. These are great on the floor for tummy time. Not all baby products have to be made in primary colours - it is possible to enjoy a stunning home too!


Made in England, waste-free

It’s reassuring to know that most of our naturally white baby sheepskins and sheepskins for prams are made from lambs that have been born and bred in the rolling English countryside, and tanned in Devon. These beautifully springy sheepskin rugs are all natural, undyed, by-product of the meat industry. We’re hugely committed to the sustainability of all our woollen products. 


Sheepskins for medical needs

We’ve also popped a few Grade “A” New Zealand sheepskins in the shop too. These are medical grade, extra large and supportive. Perfect in fact for soothing pain and preventing sores. New mothers will thank you!


If you have any questions about which rug to choose for baby, do drop us a line.


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