5 wool presents Mum will love

5 wool presents Mum will love

For those of us still lucky enough to have our mother to cherish, any of us could be searching for the perfect presents for Ma any time of the year. Besides Mother’s Day and Christmas, when’s her birthday? Or does she just deserve a little extra love right now? 

Our gifts for her range from wearable gifts to wool, cashmere, mohair soft furnishings and bedding. And every one of them is long-lasting, ensuring she’ll remember it forever and ever. 

5 presents for mum she’ll love

Snuggle time

Who doesn’t adore hunkering down beneath a cosy blanket or sofa throw? Whether it’s to snuggle up in front of a warming winter’s day fire, to watch your favourite TV series, or to revel in the glories of an afternoon nap. 

How often does your Mum get to do that? And how comfortable is her blanket? Let’s encourage her to take more snuggle time by gifting her the best wool blanket to hide under. As presents for mum go, this is generous in gesture and it can stretch your pocket as much (or as little) as you need.

  • Despite its density, our Chunky Aran Knit Blanket is actually one of our most budget friendly blankets
  • If your Mum likes texture without weight our suite of Cotton Waffle Blankets tick that box and come in a range of colours
  • For the indecisive lady, the Double-Faced Emilie Wool Blanket gives her options, depending on the colour of her aura in the moment
  • If you want to spoil her, our all English Duchess Merino Blanket is soft and light yet ultimately snuggly
  • And if you’re clubbing together with the rest of the brood seeking extra special presents for Mum then allow us to point you towards the Atkinson Cashmere de Luxe Blanket, also a British confection

Gifts for active mums

If there’s no stopping your mother, who like mine is still swimming in Cornwall at 85, and being out and about in the fresh air is her thing, I'm going to turn your attention to socks. Yes, socks. You know, the things that you usually end up buying for Dad because what else do you buy for the man who has everything (or says he wants nothing)!

  • Bet you’ve never thought of your Mum as a ski bunny?! But if swooshing through the powder is her great love, then our Snow Sport Mohair Socks are a dream inside those clunky ski boots!
  • If you’re used to your Mum losing phone signal while rambling the Devon moors or the Cotswold Hills, she’d be well rewarded for those efforts with a pair of mohair trekking socks from animals bred in those respective landscapes. 
  • When country life and wellies combine, welly socks become a first world problem before you know how daft you sound! Only not in our house, thanks to Welsh and Scottish sourced mohair long boot socks.
  • It might just be that your Mum’s pretty good at looking after her feet. And that of all the foot related presents for mum you could buy, she’d actually just really appreciate a pair or two of Everyday Alpaca Socks to keep them fresh and cosy.
  • So important after those anti-arthritic cold water dips to warm up again and mohair is the best for this. Yes, even better than merino. Light warm, even when wet and sure to ward off the chilblains.

Interiors presents for Mum

We’re all for being house proud. Our only problem is the choice of sheepskins and throws we’re faced with and our flippant love of one today and another tomorrow. It’s a good job we’ve got you to inspire with our range too...

  • Our exclusive range of extra large sheepskins, like this one in aubergine, are about twice the normal size and our trial of one on our sofa quickly turned into a permanent placement.
  • However natural, sheepskins can feel too finished sometimes, which is why we adore this Gotland Swedish Sheepskin for its natural curls and exquisite silky feel.
  • We also turn to sheepskin when we need a spot of padding somewhere around the house, whether it’s a giant beanbag or a dining chair sheepskin seat pad - which would make the present for Mum?

7 colourful gifts for Mum

Thickness, chunk and texture aside, we’ve got a cacophony of colours to choose from too: 

  1. Elegance pours from the fibres of this Chateau Rose Mohair Throw
  2. The zing of this Mandarin Sheepskin Throw is not only an exclusive edition but also packs on the wow factor in the right room
  3. Coastal home owners adore our Sea Glass Green Mohair Throw
  4. Packed with personality is this shocking pink Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle
  5. For those who savour more subtle use of the colour in the home, this Duck Egg and Grey Herringbone Throw is also an exquisite blend of merino and cashmere
  6. Warm up a room with tones of berry in this Chunky Aran Knit Throw
  7. Let colour do the talking while you make like royalty beneath a Galway Mohair Knee Rug

Pashminas and scarves for Mum

Has your Mum already got a favourite scarf? Has she always longed for a proper pashmina? We’ve left the best till last in this round up of present for Mum. You’re going to have to refine your search a little to whittle down 200+ colours, patterns and styles of shawl to find the perfect gift for Mum.

Need some help choosing your gift? Just drop us a line.


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