How to choose luxury bedding

How to choose luxury bedding
Luxury bedding may sound like something to aspire to, but if getting a sound night’s sleep is paramount for your well-being and your sanity, why not make it a priority?
Now, with luxury being a rather subjective adjective these days, we’ve compiled this guide to luxury bedding to help you fathom your way through fillings, fabrics and fibres.
Then shop our luxury bedding collection for your best night’s sleep yet!

Luxury duvets

Have you ever had that moment, treating yourself to a night in a plush hotel where you’ve fallen beneath the crisp, laundered sheets and felt the most sublime cocooning of a luxury duvet? 

Here in the office, we’ve all got a recollection or two of feeling just like that. And when we discovered camel duvets, that was another level luxury bedding lightbulb moment. We only have a few of those left in stock - you can scrabble over them here while stock lasts - but they are honestly the most heavenly thing we have ever slept under.  Our Wool Duvets must not be forgotten if you love the lightness and warmth of wool and wish to be beautifully enticed to sleep. Wool is amazing but the camel does offer an even better drape.

 Duvet tog ratings

Quite simply, they don’t exist around here. Duvet tog ratings were a creation of the 1960's to help consumers understand thermal resistance ratings more easily when buying products like duvets. Typically tog ratings apply to synthetic products too - because natural products and ‘active fibres’ like wool respond dynamically to an individual’s body temperature and their sweat that needs wicking away. All things a synthetic duvet cannot do. All mammals will sleep more comfortably under a broader range of environmental temperatures under a wool duvet than under a manmade fibre duvet. Consequently tog ratings, as understood to relate to manmade fibre duvets cannot be meaningfully transposed to wool duvets.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we like to harp on about the benefits of wool, especially for sleeping.
 4 more luxury bedding ideas made from wool

Our collection of luxury bedding encompasses bed blankets, throws, pillows, and mattress toppers as well as duvets. Here we sort between the sheets:

Luxury bed blankets

This is where you and only you can decide what’s luxurious. From traditional cellular wool blankets to super soft merino blankets and cotton waffle textures, the choice of luxury bed blankets is broad. As well as fibres and textures, different weight blankets are also available.

 Choose your favourite bed blanket


 Luxury throws

Chunky or fine knit? Textured or patterned? Organic, double faced or cashmere. Your luxury throw options are almost endless. Some of our customers seek a lightweight throw that’s part decorative and part there for pulling over on the chilliest of nights. Others come in search of a texture or bright accent contrast to their neutral bed linen. And we also have some fabulous luxury throws purely for dressing the arm of a chair or sofa - in an oh so Instagrammable fashion!

 Choose from our luxury throws


Plump pillows

Finding the perfect pillow can be tough and we’re definitely not in the market for a bad night’s sleep. So imagine a pillow that’s natural, sustainably sourced and can be personalised to you. Oh yes. Our range of wool pillows contains an option to stuff your own! 

Our 100% wool pillow comes with a zip so you can top up or decrease the amount of wool inside as you desire. If luxury means bespoke in your mind, then a wool pillow is for you. If you want to boost the pillow fill we have bags of wool so you can personalise your pillow plumpness.

 We wrote here about the wonders of wool pillows


Marvellous mattress toppers

Buy the best mattress you can afford, someone once said to us. We stifled a yelp at the price but have never looked back. When you’re investing in your sleep for the long term, you want to protect that investment. 
Enter stage left our wool mattress toppers (we have pillow protectors too). Adding a layer of wonderful wool atop your majestic mattress  will not only keep the mattress clean but also work better at helping you sleep. 


Discover why wool is so wondrous for sleeping well

 In short, whether you’re looking to improve quality of sleep or to refresh your bedroom decor, wool has both a helpful and an aesthetic contribution to make. From absorbing airborne pollutants and regulating body temperature to maxing out the comfort factor and dialling up your interior design, incorporating wool luxury bedding will work wonders come snooze time.

Any questions about our luxury wool bedding,

do drop us a line.


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