How to wear your cashmere scarf

How to wear your cashmere scarf | Scarf styling | The Wool Company

Cashmere scarves for work, rest and play

You can sense the quality of a real cashmere scarf without even touching it. Throwing one over the most pedestrian of outfits lifts it instantly.

You could just throw it over your shoulders and it will look glorious in all its majesty. However, to make your cashmere scarf work for its keep, you’ll want to style it just so. We have cashmere scarves for every occasion, and rather neatly, we find that all of our scarves can be folded and worn to suit any occasion. So you could justify having one cashmere scarf, or one of each of all of them! Here’s how we do it...

How to wear your cashmere scarf

For warmth in any weather, you need to keep your neck covered. Even the tiniest crack in your armour will send chills down your spine. We’ve two gorgeously soft cashmere and superfine wool blend scarves - one in a dark grey grid pattern with a shocking pink flute line, the other a more muted dark blue check. These unisex scarves go with everything from a black woollen coat, to your classic trench, to a casual leather or denim jacket.

How to tie your cashmere scarf for warmth

The knot that works for everyone with this scarf is this one. Fold the scarf in two and pull it around the neck with the loop on one side and the loose ends on the other. Push the loose ends through the loop and tug it into a snug knot. Tweak the folds around the neck to bring out the pattern. 

Day to night elegance

For a truly graceful look that takes you from day into night, our light-as-a-feather gossamer cashmere stoles are hard to beat. Hand woven in Nepal, these subtly two-toned scarves are created from an undyed cashmere that’s interwoven with a dyed thread.  

The effect is magical, with a lighter tone on one side. We’re sure you’ll understand that because these are a natural product, the colours might vary slightly. There are six beautiful colours to choose from, ranging from a delicate yellow wild primrose, to lightest lavender, a pale winter sky blue, a deep teal, classic graphite and exquisite oyster.  

How to tie a cashmere stole

This voluminous gossamer cashmere stole is elegance personified. Drape it around both shoulders so the width of the scarf falls down your back, then throw one end over the opposite shoulder so that it drapes beautifully, providing both modesty and warmth. Perfect over evening wear or your favourite woollen winter coat. 

A scarf for suits and smart days

For those days where you’re creating a luxuriously crisp look, perhaps with a smart suit, trench coat or short jacket, the Tartan Cashmere scarf is perfect. Woven from the finest Scottish spun yarns, it is shorter than the Cashmere Blend by six centimetres, which means it tucks away neatly within the folds of your jacket, or hangs tidily over. 

Tartan Cashmere Scarf in Thompson tartan - Opal Blue from The Wool Company

The Buchanan Blue is a compelling mix of deepest, vibrant blues and softest browns and creams. There’s also the feminine Opal, a perfect pale blue and brown tartan, and the classic Ellie Rose in a beguiling blend of pinks, browns and greys.


How to tie a scarf over a suit jacket

The Tartan Cashmere is perfect for dressing your outfit - that is, perhaps to wear it loosely over each shoulder, untied. That’s a look for anyone wanting to add a pop of colour and class to their smartest outfit. We recommend simply laying the scarf over each shoulder, flat, to really show off the beautiful pattern and fabric. The function of the scarf in this instance is not warmth, but style! Let your stunning scarf inject that simple suit or straight-forward business jacket with a little of your sparkling personality.

Stripe Cashmere Scarf

Get stripy

Striped scarves can be knotted as shown here or draped or wrapped. Choose your look according to the your mood and of course the prevailing weather conditions. Our stripy scarves are all made in Scotland and we have a fabulous collection that you can find here.


It’s a wrap!

If you’re looking for a large, floaty scarf to wrap yourself in a cloud of colour, the lightweight Tartan Cashmere and Wool blend is your go-to scarf. Seen here in a vibrant autumnal reds and steel blues, but also available in a smokey blue grey and muted earthy tones, in an expanded check pattern. 

We show you ways to wear cashmere wraps here. 

How to tie a large cashmere scarf

Tartan Cashmere Wool Blend Stole in Ruby Brock


Indulge in the billowing feel of a larger scarf and let it envelope you. For all day wear, you’ll want it to feel secure, so here’s a trick to make sure it stays in place. Pick a few tassels on each end and knot them together securely. If the scarf has pin tassels, simply tie the ends together. Twist this loop into a figure-of-eight shape, fold over to create a double loop, and pop this over your head. Arrange the folds of the scarf to tidy the look.


For advice about all of our scarves, please drop us a line, any time.



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