The Great British Beach Clean

The Great British Beach Clean

Sarah enjoying our breathtaking coast and her Dartmoor Mohair Walking Socks

As we're all aware, marine-borne plastics have become a big global problem and something we're particularly aware of here in Cornwall with well over 300 miles of coastline, the longest in the UK.  Seeing our beautiful beaches covered in plastic flotsam and jetsom at the tideline is hard.

Regular readers may remember that in previous years The Wool Company team has been out to Watergate bay to collect and remove marine rubbish and plastics from the beach. However, this week we can all do our bit by taking part in The Great British Beach Clean. It’s a week-long citizen science event involving thousands of people taking part up and down the UK.

Head over to the Marine Conservation Society to see how you can either organise a beach clean or take part in one already organised.  It’s a great chance for us all to do our bit towards cleaner seas.

When we’re on the beach, we love our using merino beanies and pulling on mohair socks after a cold water swim. 


Beach Cleans do help (in case your wondering)

It’s not unreasonable to wonder how much help a beach clean can make when thousands of tonnes are dumped in the sea each year, but the good news is that recent scientific evidence dramatically shows that beach clean-ups really do work.

Gunhild Bodtker, senior researcher at research institute Norce, told Sky News that Norce found that beach cleans “can reduce microplastics by 99% within a year of the cleanup. He went on to say, "I was happily surprised because it means the clean-up has efficiently reduced the leakage of microplastic into the sea. And that is really good news.  Clean up plastic on the shores, clean up all the plastic in the environment. It really makes a difference."

Make it a Passion

I was talking with a friend last night who is lucky enough to enjoy swimming off the Cornish coast daily. One of his passions is helping clean the ocean and beaches.  He sent me a couple of pictures of what he and a friend had cleared out of a cave that day. Note the head torch and the ladder! One of his greatest joys is knowing he often leaves the sea that little bit cleaner than when he entered it. His philosophy for life: every day, be grateful for what you have, add some joy to someone's life, and breeeathe!

Cave cleaning in Cornwall


Clean the beach but have fun and make a day of it: take a picnic. Our picnic blanket and travel rugs are just the thing.

British-made Picnic and Travel Rugs from The Wool Company, England

Remember, leave no trace but footprints and maybe a sandcastle or a bit of beach art.

 Beach Art: copyright William Bartlett

Learn Beach Art in Cornwall with William Bartlett (Image copyright: William Bartlett)

The Good News

Yes, there is actually some good news. Innovative initiatives like the world's first river Bubble Barrier, which segregates plastic waste for easy collection, are making waves. Similarly, the renowned non-profit, The Ocean Cleanup, is advancing technologies to cleanse the world's oceans of plastic. Their ultimate goal? To make themselves obsolete once our oceans are pristine. Both are sterling examples already making a tangible impact.

However you do it, have a very clean week out there.


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